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27 Dec 2011


Just wanted to come on and thank FO for KUBIAK, as it lead me to my fantasy football championship last night. I'll have to look at the draft board to see exactly what round I got everyone, but in my league's scoring I had: tied for the #1 QB (and #1 player overall) Aaron Rodgers, #1 RB LeSean McCoy, #10 RB Steven Jackson, #11 RB Darren Sproles, #1 WR Wes Welker, #3 TE Tony Gonzalez (who I know I got pretty late), and the #1 and #3 defenses Chicago and Detroit (my league requires a backup at every position). All of them were draft picks, and I have the KUBIAK projections customized for my scoring system to thank.

Posted by: Zac on 27 Dec 2011

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Re: Testimonial
by bird jam :: Tue, 12/27/2011 - 3:24pm

Humbug, I went 5-8.

I don't remember seeing one in the past, but I would be interested in seeing a yearly KUBIAK retrospective that looks back on KUBIAK's hits and misses, maybe with explanations for what went wrong with the misses.

Re: Testimonial
by n8fehr :: Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:41am

I started out 2-6 and didn't lose after that. The team i drafted was full of solid players but no studs. I made two 3 for 1 trades to aquire Tom Brady (Big Ben, Piere Garcon and Beanie Wells)(Tom brady bye week) and i also traded for A. Foster (Ryan matthews, Antonio Gates and Matt Ryan) i also traded during A fosters bye week. So my draft was real solid but no studs which didn't really help but with all the talent i could make the trades to win it all.

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