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31 Aug 2010

Thoughts on my draft?

12 teams, weird roster rules. Start 1 QB, 1RB, 2 WR's, 1 WR/RB flex, 1 TE. 1 K, 1 D. You must have 2 of every position and 4 WR and RB. No more, no less. Standard scoring for the most part, except half a point per reception.

I had the 11th pick.

1.11) R. Moss (WR)
2.2) R. Mendenhall (RB)
3.11) A. Gates (TE) (a bit early, but with 2 TEs being required and being on the end, I felt I had to go for it. Turned out to be the right call as the ensuing TE run took another 6 of them off the board.)
4.2) G. Jennings (WR)
5.11) H. Ward (WR)
6.2) K. Kolb (QB) (The plan here was to grab Addai on the wheel as I didn't expect the next guy to take an RB, I was wrong, hence Kolb.)
7.11) A. Bradshaw (RB)
8.2) J. Harrison (RB)
9.11) S. Breaston (WR)
10.2) Z. Miller (TE) (I like Miller, but this was the pick I would like to have back. I didn't need him, he has the same bye as Gates, and the D run started this round and left me with slim pickings.)
11.11) V. Young (just wins)
12.2) Cincinnati D
13.11) Atlanta D
14.2) F. Jackson (RB)
15.11) R. Succop (K)
16.2) S. Graham (K)

The hope here is that after Mendenhall, one of my other RB's emerges as a solid enough RB2. Otherwise I'll be running three receiver sets a lot. I also have potential WR/TE trade bait.

Posted by: DrunkenSuperman on 31 Aug 2010

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Re: Thoughts on my draft?
by mrtheal :: Tue, 08/31/2010 - 3:53pm

I like your back's especially Bradshaw. He is the starter on the NYG. Not sold on your Qb's. I think Kolb will be streaky and Vinne Young has never been a great fantasy QB. That said, I'm sure Orton or Garrad are on waivers. I'd consider one of those guys over Young. Also don't count out Matt Moore.

Re: Thoughts on my draft?
by filterxg :: Tue, 08/31/2010 - 8:11pm

I don't think that Z Miller will have much trade value for awhile unless he just explodes (in which case you won't want to trade him). A guy few know playing for the worst team in the NFL just won't get a return before midseason. So IF you want to dangle a TE before that point Gates should be it.

RB2 will only be an issues if Mendenhall gets hurt...you shouldn't be worried about 3 receiver sets as Ward will give you RB-like consistency. You did get value with Bradshaw/Harrison, but I don't believe either threaten the flex's job.

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