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09 Sep 2010

Thoughts on this PPR Draft using combo ADP/Kubiak negatives/projections?

12 team PPR, 1 pt per reception, all TDS 6 pts, 1pt/25 yds return yds. Draft 7of12

QBS flew off the board with Top 6 goe by second round. RBS early too.

1.7 Frank Gore (could have taken Andre Johnson
2.6 Randy Moss (thought about R.White's playoff schedule, went w/ Moss)
3.7 Calvin Johnson
4.6 Matt Forte
5.7 Hakeem Nicks
6.6 Brent Celek (TES running, think I should of taken Ahmad Bradshaw here)
7.7 Brett Favre (debated Maclin, but I had 3 starting WRS)
8.6 Johnny Knox (hoped Cadillac would fall another round, but he didn't)
9.7 Tim Hightower
10.6 Donovan McNabb (could have Thomas Jones, but wanted another QB value)
11.7 Willis McGahee (reach, could have handcuffed Anthony Dixon)
12.6 Joshua Cribbs
13.7 Peyton Hellis
14.6 Bears D
15.7 Panthers D
16.6 Rob Bironas

I think the Celek pick was not my best.

Posted by: DrG on 09 Sep 2010

Posted by: DrG on 09 Sep 2010

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Re: Thoughts
by tally :: Thu, 09/09/2010 - 5:22pm

With no TEs required in your starting lineup and other receiving options in Philly, I'm afraid I have to agree. There aren't many TEs that needed to be drafted in your league. The return yards scoring also helps returners on bad teams--I think Leon Washington ended up a top 10 projected RB in my league which has similar scoring.

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