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29 Oct 2009

Tight End pick up

I need to pick up a TE for this week. Three of them available, all ranked reasonably similiar:
Donald Lee
Todd Heap
Tony Scheffler

I'm leaning towards Lee since Minn doesn't seem to be very good against TEs. I'm looking for the best chance for a big score rather than a sure middling score.


Posted by: DaveP on 29 Oct 2009

2 replies , Last at 30 Oct 2009, 7:12pm by Zheng

by Snowglare :: Thu, 10/29/2009 - 7:37pm

I'd rank them Scheffler, Heap, Lee. Lee hasn't topped 48 yards in a game since '07, so I doubt Finley's absence will give him a dramatic boost. His ceiling's about 10 points if he gets a TD. The other two are neck and neck.

Re: Tight End pick up
by Zheng :: Fri, 10/30/2009 - 7:12pm

I'd go Lee, Scheffler, Heap. Lee is iffy because of his track record, but MIN appears not to cover TEs at all. Scheffler and Heap are better talentwise but their teams do cover TEs, and pretty well at that--especially DEN.

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