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03 Sep 2012

Trade away Arian Foster?

I'm thinking I will offer Arian Foster and Owen Daniels for L.McCoy and A. Hernandez.

Am I getting back enough?

FYI...this is my team in a 14 team re-draft league:

Arian Foster
Trent Richardson
Owen Daniels
Bears K
Buf Def

Posted by: Horry33 on 03 Sep 2012

2 replies , Last at 12 Sep 2012, 8:08pm by geno335

Re: Trade away Arian Foster?
by J. Winn (not verified) :: Thu, 09/06/2012 - 11:33am

Who do you have on your bench? I would not take the trade, but I am the biggest McCoy skeptic there is. Foster is definitely going to be the better RB this season. So basically you would be trading just to improve at TE. I would just get some more high upside TEs some other way.

Always be wary of accepting or offering symmetrical trades, like RB & TE for RB & TE. If your opponent accepts, he thinks he is getting the better end of it. They will always end in either a refusal or both people thinking they got the better end of it and that the other person is a chump.

Re: Trade away Arian Foster?
by geno335 :: Wed, 09/12/2012 - 8:08pm

I would do it... I wouldn't do the other side of the trade though

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