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03 Nov 2012

Trade for Forte?

I'm running with RGIII and Rodgers in my keeper league. Our trade deadline is coming up, and it's time to deal Griffith for improvement. I'd like to get upgrades for the rest of the year, but obviously I'd like to upgrade my keepers, too. We keep 3 from 3 different positions, plus either a fourth from any position or an extra early pick.
I got the following offer:

Receive Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB from PBR to Bench
Receive Matt Forte, Chi RB from PBR to Bench
Receive Aaron Hernandez, NE TE from PBR to Bench
Send Chris Johnson, Ten RB from RB to PBR
Send Robert Griffin III, Wsh QB from Bench to PBR
Send Mike Williams, TB WR from Bench to PBR
This (probably) makes me better at TE, and gives me a good option for Rodger's bye next week. But is Forte an upgrade over CJ, now or in the future? Is this aiming too low?

Posted by: Fontes of Wayne on 03 Nov 2012

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