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05 Oct 2010

Trade to get Ray Rice or Cedric Benson: Update

The owner of both RBs is 0-4 and has a pretty bad team. I think I can convince him to sell low on Rice or Benson for someone who might be a good sell high like Tomlinson.

I'd like to get Mike Wallace and either Rice or Benson and give up S. Moss/Maclin and Tomlinson/Forte. What trade sounds most favorable for me? I'd like to get Rice and Wallace for LDT and Maclin if I had my way.

The other owner countered with Rice/Welker for LT/Jennings. My WR are Austin, Jennings, Maclin, S Moss, Ward. My RB are: Peterson, Charles, Forte, LT, Lynch. I think I like this new trade. Any thoughts?

Posted by: lang55 on 05 Oct 2010

1 reply , Last at 05 Oct 2010, 11:05am by boone88rr

Re: Trade to get Ray Rice or Cedric Benson
by boone88rr :: Tue, 10/05/2010 - 11:05am

If he's that desperate. Rice/Wallace for LDT/Maclin is a fleecing.

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