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30 Sep 2010

Trade Questions PPR League 1 pt per Reception, 6 pts - TD, - 1 pt every 10 yds rushing or receiving

Anyone see Randy Moss just having a down year due to scheme, opposing defenses and age? He's in good health this year, but the Pats spread it around.

Have been offered Michael Vick or Matt Schaub for Hakeem Nicks or Calvin Johnson.
My QBS are McNabb and Hasselback. With AJohnson hurting and Vick yet to face a good defense, not sure this is really a good trade. Thoughts?

My WRS: Moss, CJohnson, Nicks, Manningham, Sidney Rice on IR

RBS Gore, Forte, Wells, Hightower, BJax, McGahee

TES John Carlson (dumped Celek).

*Picked up Wells/Rice for Hillis.

Posted by: DrG on 30 Sep 2010

3 replies , Last at 02 Oct 2010, 3:52am by tally

by tally :: Thu, 09/30/2010 - 11:23pm

If someone is offering Schaub or Vick for Nicks, I'd jump on that opportunity to sell high on Nicks right away, even with AJ ailing, because I really don't see Nicks continuing his pace.

I'm also worried about Moss. I traded for him to shore up my WRs, but it's more out of desperation than anything else.

by DrG :: Fri, 10/01/2010 - 12:41pm

Thanks T, I actually decided I liked Vick's fantasy football home run potential and offered the guy Nicks for Vick. As for Moss, I' still shopping him reluctantly. Just think New England is going to spread it around more and use him as a decoy, unfortunately.

Off topic, I saw Moss once off-season in a pickup basketball game with Phillip Buchanon, some other local then-Raiders and a couple of college basketball players.

Moss was the fastest guy on the Court and just seemed to effortlessly glide. After a 'Best of 3', they were done. Every guy looked a bit winded and sweating, but not Moss. The thing that stood out is how easy it looked for him compared to everyone else.

by tally :: Sat, 10/02/2010 - 3:52am

I think Moss is still a legit WR1, and KUBIAK still loves him, but his low number of catches has to be worrisome.

I had a chance at AJ, White, or Moss. I would have honestly preferred White but the owner backed out and offered AJ instead. I decided Moss and all his contract issues and dogging it on plays was preferable to never knowing if AJ's going to be healthy. If all three were healthy and available...maybe Moss is third.

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