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28 Aug 2009

Trading draft slots

How would this work? Do you just trade straight up for a worse slot (say from #3 pick to #6pick)? What would be the benfits (I understand you would have a better pick in 2nd, 4th, etc rounds, but you would also have a worse pick then you would of had in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc. rounds). In a 12man standard scoring league.

Posted by: Raine05 on 28 Aug 2009

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Re: Trading draft slots
by johnkorean :: Fri, 08/28/2009 - 3:52pm

The only reason this works is because not everyone has the same rankings. I don't know that #3 to #6 will be that common this year, but I could easily see someone trading #5 for #9 or something like that. There are a good number of people that believe that RBs number 5 through as high as 14 are essentially a crap shoot. There isn't a single person in the world that would be shocked if Brandon Jacobs outperforms DeAngelo Williams, or if Frank Gore outperforms Steven Jackson.

If that's the case, a lot of people are terrified of having to be the one to make that decision. They'd rather be "stuck" with the "leftovers" than have first pick of a bunch of equally rated guys. Plus, by trading down, they get a better second round pick, with arguably an equal first round pick. It's all about who thinks which players have value where.

Re: Trading draft slots
by Raine05 :: Fri, 08/28/2009 - 4:17pm


Re: Trading draft slots
by socctty :: Wed, 09/02/2009 - 10:39pm

Are these tied together? That is, if you trade a first, are you tied to trading the second and only the second? Or could you throw in a fourth rounder to sweeten the deal?

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