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11 Nov 2009

Trading for the playoffs

I've basically locked up my division already this year, so I'm looking ahead to Week 15 and 16 and seeing if there's anything I can do to improve my team for those weeks. There's a potential trade out there that I'd like any opinions on. I'm going to include their playoff matchups because I think it is pretty relevant to my decision. This is a league with a flex position and no PPR.

First, my team:

S. Jackson (Hou, @Ari)
R. Brown (@Ten, Hou)
R. Mendenhall (GB, Bal)
S. Slaton (@Stl, @Mia)
L. Maroney (@Buf, Jac)

V. Jackson (Cin, @Ten)
C. Ohocinco (@SD, KC)
M. Austin (@NO, @Was)
M. Manningham (@Was, Car)

I've been offered Thomas Jones(Atl, @Ind) for Miles Austin (it's a keeper league as well). I prefer to start a RB in the flex, and I look at the difference between Mendenhall's and Jones' playoff matchups and get tempted. However, I don't want to give up all my WR depth in case something happens between now and then.

I've also thought of adding Mendenhall to the deal in exchange for Roddy White (@NYJ, Buf), so as to keep some safe depth, though those matchups look pretty bad.

So, is this a good idea? Am I messing too much with a good thing? Would you do the original deal, or the two for two?

Posted by: DrunkenSuperman on 11 Nov 2009

2 replies , Last at 20 Nov 2009, 12:48am by rdy4thefiesta

Re: Trading for the playoffs
by DrunkenSuperman :: Wed, 11/11/2009 - 7:40pm

I'm stupid, I just realized I could simply try for a Mendenhall/Jones swap. Any takes on that?

Re: Trading for the playoffs
by rdy4thefiesta :: Fri, 11/20/2009 - 12:48am

It depends how many Wrs you have to play. If it's 3 wrs and a flex, I'd hang on to what you have, even with Ronnie Brown out. You can go with Jackson, Mendenhall and Slaton during the playoffs. If it's two wrs, then you don't need Austin and you can trade him to upgrade your RB spot for the playoffs. Jones is definately better than Mendenhall and Slaton, but don't trade for him if you're going to have to start Manningham.

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