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18 Aug 2013

Traditional and Auction Combined Draft

I have a draft for a league of 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FL, 1K, 1D, 6BN

However, the first 8 guys go in auction then it switches to traditional snake. How should I treat the auction pricing spreadsheet? Should I only put in QB, WR, RB, TE as scoring positions (there are no positional requirements for the auction portion).

Should I do 3RB, 3WR, 1TE and 1QB for my settings to get the proper auction prices? It's .5ppr

Posted by: tjcinnamon on 18 Aug 2013

3 replies , Last at 19 Aug 2013, 7:11pm by tjcinnamon

Re: Traditional and Auction Combined Draft
by diddlypoo :: Sun, 08/18/2013 - 10:59pm

How about running it with the regular rules and just assign $0 to all of the non-auction players? The "current auction value" will adjust accordingly (higher prices for remaining players).

Re: Traditional and Auction Combined Draft
by autobus :: Mon, 08/19/2013 - 9:39am

I have a draft like that. I just reduce the number of bench players to match the rounds of the draft. The 3 RB, 3 WR would likely skew the numbers in some way. Even though you reduced the bench players, the program still ranks everyone after the 8th round. I just ignore Kubiak for K and D and just use any list I come across for those rankings (I pick K and D in last round every year regardless).

Assigning $0 value would just mean you have no (or hardly any) $1 players.

Re: Traditional and Auction Combined Draft
by tjcinnamon :: Mon, 08/19/2013 - 7:11pm

so are you saying I should do: 1Q, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE and then 2 BN?

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