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20 Aug 2013

Updating the ESPN and Yahoo rankings/delta columns

i.e. the most recent updated KUBIAK thinks the ESPN rankings at 6/7/8/9 go Spiller/Charles/Johnson/Rodgers, whereas they actually go Charles/Spiller/Richardson/Morris.

This is a big deal for me as I look at the delta column to give me an idea of whether I can wait a round or two to draft someone high up my rankings but with a high delta!

I assume the plan is to update periodically, but would be great if each new version could have the up to date rankings. Thanks for a great product!

EDIT: I realise that the discrepancy doesn't make a lot of difference in the first couple of rounds, with a few exceptions. But it's key for the later ones!

Posted by: jurassicxi on 20 Aug 2013

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