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17 Jul 2009

Urgent Rookie Draft - Moreno or Wells?

Hey guys. In my fantasy football keeper league I just made a trade to acquire the first overall rookie pick. I've narrowed my choices down to Moreno or Wells pretty much, but I wanted to get some advice from fans who know more about the team and player than me. I can keep rookies for up to five years, so immediate impact isn't the only criteria, but my team is expected to be a contender so I do want a player that will help this year.

My question to you is who would you take in this situation, bias aside, for your fantasy team? I have basically standard scoring except there's .5 PPR, plus 3 bonus points for 100 yards rushing or receiving and 2 more bonus points for 150 yards rushing or receiving.

Moreno should be mostly a full-time back with some good receiving value, though McDaniels rotated backs a lot in New England, Moreno is probably not as explosive as Wells, and the Broncos shouldn't be nearly as good as the Cardinals.

Wells has a lot of ability, but may not start right away and Tim Hightower may steal third down/goal line carries, Wells has durability issues, and is in a pass first offense.

I'm leaning towards Moreno but I just wanted some more opinions. I'm posting this on other forums as well but wanted to get some advice from FO'ers if possible. I need to make the pick by like 1 AM Pacific time tonight so I really need to decide quickly. Any help is very much appreciated.

Posted by: thestar5 on 17 Jul 2009

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