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25 Aug 2011

Vincent Jackson and Gates

Why is Vincent Jackson ranked 19th at position and Risk RED?
Why is Gates risk Yellow? Isn't he on the same team and had/has far more injuries?


Posted by: junglejoe_lv on 25 Aug 2011

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Re: Vincent Jackson and Gates
by boone88rr :: Thu, 08/25/2011 - 4:22pm

"A player's Risk level indicates the likelihood that he will fall short of his listed KUBIAK projection no matter what the reason. It is not solely a measure of injury."

Gates does it year in year out. If it wasn't for the foot, I think he'd be green cause he's consistently good.

Jackson has had one good year and one big year. Then he sat out almost all of last year with the exception of one big game and then got hurt. So given his injuries last year and his projection basically looking to match his best ever year, I'd say there is some risk in that assumption.

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