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15 Oct 2010

Wallace/B Tate for Fitzgerald

I am in a contract Dynasty league ($100 cap). I was offered Larry Fitzgerald($26 through next season) for Mike Wallace ($1 through next) and Brandon Tate ($1 through next). My other receivers are OchoCinco, James Jones, Jacoby Jones, & Golden Tate. Will acquiring Fitzgerald help or am I better to stand pat?

Posted by: GnomeVillage on 15 Oct 2010

1 reply , Last at 15 Oct 2010, 6:48pm by lang55

Re: Wallace/B Tate for Fitzgerald
by lang55 :: Fri, 10/15/2010 - 6:48pm

I'm not as familiar with dynasty leagues, particularly contract ones. But, I'll just speak as to what will help you this year. I think Mike Wallace from here on out will have close to the production of Fitz, whose value is around top 20. Brandon Tate is I guess cheap in your league and could have some value as well (though not any more than either Jones or Tate in theory). If you need someone to consistently get you about 8-10 points but rarely more than that, go ahead and get Fitz. If you can take the risk of Wallace going big or busting certain weeks, stick with him. Kind of depends on how well the rest of your squad is doing. Also, unsure how Max Hall will look in the future and what the Cardinals' long term QB plans are. Again, not being familiar with the economics of your league, seems like keeping Wallace, who has a lot of upside, for cheap is a better plan than keeping Fitz for a lot of money when he has a bad QB throwing at him

Also, how does your week 6 matchup look? You're thin at WR with Ocho's bye, Jacoby not 100% healthy, and Tate with a role of unknown size. Fitz is on bye, which won't help you at all. Wallace could help you get that W this week.

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