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17 Aug 2011

What is the Benefit of FPOB%

1) KUBIAK comes with a FPOB% column. I understand how that is calculated. But I'm wondering HOW the FPOB% column would inform my decision process when drafting? How should I utilize it or should it be ignored completely?

2) What kind of benefit would FPOB% be in choosing keepers?

3) Obviously KUBIAK generates a static value baseline. I am vaguely familiar with DYNAMIC value based drafting and wonder if FPOB% is involved in that perhaps? Does anyone run KUBIAK and then transport the results into a spreadsheet for DYNAMIC based drafting?

Any help educating me would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by: Mr. Housebroken on 17 Aug 2011

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Re: What is the Benefit of FPOB%
by Zac :: Wed, 08/17/2011 - 11:09pm

I've always assumed that FPOB% is just a different way of ranking players, rather than normal FPOB. It's a matter of opinion. Is Antonio Gates the 20th ranked player because he's 79 points over the TE baseline, or is he the 15th ranked player because he's 154% of the TE baseline? But maybe I'm wrong.

Re: What is the Benefit of FPOB%
by Phyrre56 :: Thu, 08/18/2011 - 8:52am

Who is more valuable?

RB 1 - 200 pts
RB 2 - 150 pts

WR 1 - 4 pts
WR 2 - 2 pts

Obviously you would draft RB 1, but WR 1 actually has the best FPOB% at 100%.

Going by percentages tends to overvalue players at low scoring positions, which is very dangerous in fantasy football because it will point you toward drafting TE, K, and DEF aggressively.

Re: What is the Benefit of FPOB%
by Anonymous235srtjryj (not verified) :: Thu, 08/25/2011 - 11:49am

Phyrre56 is right however if you already had your starters covered, WR1 would provide more starting value. With that being said, the RB 1 would provide more trade value, so if you have your starters covered it may help you make a decision on either oging with trade value or line up value.

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