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16 Aug 2013

Who should I keep in auction league?

I'm in a $200 budget 12 person auction league. We have the option to keep one player. If you choose to keep a player it costs you $10 that goes toward the end of the year pot. Good players tend to go for higher prices in my league then I've seen in mock drafts. That being said, here are my options... who would you keep?
Peyton Manning - 25
Lesean McCoy - 55
Victor Cruz - 27
Brandon Marshall - 27
Steven Jackson - 31

Right now I'm leaning towards Marshall. Seems like the only real value.

Posted by: trbowe on 16 Aug 2013

2 replies , Last at 29 Aug 2013, 1:40am by Sahib Bennett

Re: Who should I keep in auction league?
by mrt1212 :: Tue, 08/27/2013 - 3:31pm

Is this PPR?

Marshall is an extreme value in this situation.

Re: Who should I keep in auction league?
by Sahib Bennett (not verified) :: Thu, 08/29/2013 - 1:40am

I am partial to RBs and Steven Jackson at $31 would be my move. But either Jackson or Marshall and you cant go wrong.

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