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17 Sep 2009

WR depth - Who to drop/pick up.

My league plays 3 WR's and a flex W/R/T.

My starting receivers were Moss, Gonzalez and DeSean Jackson...with Holt and Hixon for depth.

I just dropped Hixon to pick up Mark Clayton. And with Gonzalez out, I felt like I needed more WR depth (especially if felix jones or LJ can't be a reliable flex option every week) so dropped the flyer i took on jerome harrison in the last round to get Devry Henderson. But I just realized Donnie Avery and Justin Gage are out there too. Of the two, I like Gage more...I have Steven Jackson and don't want too many eggs in the St. Louis basket. Who should I drop to pick up Gage? Gonzalez, Holt, Henderson or Clayton?

As a note, I don't have a backup TE, K or D...took the approach of stockpiling backup RB's and WR's so i'll have to make the necessary sacrifices during bye weeks when i have to.

Posted by: wallyg on 17 Sep 2009

1 reply , Last at 17 Sep 2009, 8:48pm by Zheng

Re: WR depth - Who to drop/pick up.
by Zheng :: Thu, 09/17/2009 - 8:48pm

Gonzalez. Indications are it's a bad sprain and it'd linger. That's what Stephania Bell says over on ESPN anyway. She knows more about sports medicine than I do.

Your stockpiling strategy makes sense, that's what I'm doing too. Need to see if Baltimore stays pass wacky (for Baltimore) and if St. Louis and Jacksonville can get their act together.

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