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24 Aug 2009

Your standard "rate my team" thread

This is my team in our auction/keeper league, please share your opinion on its strength! Note I was able to keep Chris Johnson, Jonathan Stewart, and Anthony Gonzalez.

QB: Big Ben, pending trade for Eli
RB: CJ, Stewart, Thomas Jones, Steven Jackson, Fred Taylor
WR: Gonzalez, Dominik Hixon, Torry Holt, Santonio Holmes, Miles Austin
TE: Kevin Boss
K: Longwell
DEF: Jets

Trying to unload one of those RBs (for a WR, not for Eli). I can only start 2 and there's no flex spot. Although ESPN would throw up at my WRs, I really like them all for 1000 yards.

Posted by: Zack on 24 Aug 2009

1 reply , Last at 26 Aug 2009, 1:05am by BucNasty

Re: Your standard "rate my team" thread
by BucNasty :: Wed, 08/26/2009 - 1:05am

Eh, to be honest, I can't say I like it. Plenty of solid guys, but no real blue chips. But then again, this is only my second year, I didn't have KUBIAK this year, and I mostly draft by my personal opinion of the player and forget to check their schedule. Alright, my turn!

10 team, non-PPR. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 D/ST, 1 K.

QB: Warner('til he gets hurt), Hasselbeck ('til he gets hurt)
RB: MJD, M. Lynch, McFadden, Ward, and LeSean McCoy (pending waiver pick up of either Ray Rice or Bradshaw)
WR: Randy Moss, Wayne, Holmes, Hester, and Hixon
TE: Clark
K: Folk

I'm trying to unload one of my lesser receivers and the Giants defense to a guy who took both Baltimore and Pittsburgh pretty early. I'm hoping for the Giants to crush Washington in week 1 to really help me sell the trade, then hopefully I can use the extra roster spot to pick up Bradshaw (if my first waiver claim for Rice goes through) or McCoy again (if the first one fails but the second one succeeds).

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