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21 Nov 2009

Your thoughts on flex position matter (Bush/Stewart)

Sorry about placing this in start/sit, it's the most relevant venue on here.

Here's my starting lineup this week (1 PPR, FLX is WR/RB):

QB1 P Rivers
RB1 S Jackson
RB2 R Bush
WR1 R Moss
WR2 N Burleson
FLX J Stewart
DST Bengals
K K Brown

J Stewart already played and got me 4 points. I'm not exactly stoked about it. Word came down the pipe that Reggie Bush has swelling in his left knee... the same knee he's had surgery on and has had a few injuries with. He was kept out of practice and is questionable; I'm not feeling great about starting him. Since he's in the RB2 spot, and not the FLX spot, I can currently only swap in other RB players instead of having the option between RB and WR.

I've asked the league manager to move Stewart to RB2 and Bush to FLX, so that I can then bench Bush and put one of the following guys in his place. Am I out of line? If you guys were in my league, would you object to such a move? It could be argued that it was a dumb move on my part to put the player with the early game this week (Stewart) in a non-flex position, thus limiting my options in case something came up... which is exactly what happened. Should I just suck it up?

Here's who could fill in at FLX on my bench... not great pickings at all:

Bowe (suspended), D Hester, D Avery, C Taylor, F Jones, J Jones (injured). Avery has Arizona, so there's upside there. Hester is against Philly which has been tough on WR1s, and Felix Jones is facing a tough Washington run D, has been stripped of his kickoff return duties (we get 1 point per 25 return yards, and 6 for TDs), but has Jerry Jones pressuring Wade Philips about his touches and Marion Barber with a jacked-up thumb ahead of him. If I can't move Bush into the FLX spot, I'll have to wait til just before game time to see if Bush starts, and if he doesn't, I'm left crossing my fingers with Felix Jones. Ugh...

Thanks for any input.

Posted by: socctty on 21 Nov 2009

2 replies , Last at 21 Nov 2009, 4:51pm by RB/Flex

Re: Your thoughts on flex position matter (Bush/Stewart)
by Fontes of Wayne :: Sat, 11/21/2009 - 10:12am

You're in trouble with Bush; I don't think he's going to play. If your commissioner allows the move, I'd lean towards Hester (Avery has burned me too many times), but I know I wouldn't allow it if I were running the league - like you said, you made the mistake of leaving the early player at the flex spot.

Re: Your thoughts on flex position matter (Bush/Stewart)
by RB/Flex (not verified) :: Sat, 11/21/2009 - 4:51pm

Bush has been declared out for this game.

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