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23 Dec 2009, 11:48am by Aaron Schatz

Week 15 DVOA Ratings

You have to be kidding. The Philadelphia Eagles are on top again? Plus: So much Baltimore bias, even Bunk Moreland would be proud.

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15 Dec 2009, 06:44pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 14 DVOA Ratings

The standings say 2009 has two historically great teams far ahead of the rest of the league. The DVOA ratings say we have more good teams, more tightly-packed together in quality, than ever before. What's going on?

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08 Dec 2009, 05:57pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 13 DVOA Ratings

Not even the antics of Admiral Armbar can keep the rising Packers out of the DVOA top three. Plus: 2009, the Year of Pythagorean Overachievers.

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01 Dec 2009, 08:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 12 DVOA Ratings

The Saints are back on top with a big win, but are they one of the best teams ever? So far, DVOA says no. Plus: Why are the Bengals ranked so darn low?

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24 Nov 2009, 03:15pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 11 DVOA Ratings

The top teams remain the same, but San Diego and Denver are heading in opposite directions -- especially when it comes to playoff chances.

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18 Nov 2009, 12:04am by Aaron Schatz

Week 10 DVOA Ratings

The Patriots and Colts begin to pull away from the pack in a year defined by offense instead of defense. Plus: The record-breaking Minnesota special teams.

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10 Nov 2009, 02:39pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 9 DVOA Ratings

Dallas climbs into the top five, while the Patriots begin to widen their lead in weighted DVOA. Win-loss records are scrambled at the top of our ratings, but the 1-7 teams settle nicely to the bottom.

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03 Nov 2009, 05:29pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 8 DVOA Ratings

Idle New England slips into the top spot, one of five current teams that rank among the top 25 all-time in DVOA through Week 8. Plus: Could a guy with just one touchdown be the best running back of the year?

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27 Oct 2009, 06:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 7 DVOA Ratings

The Packers ride into the DVOA top five thanks to yet another of this year's many turnaround defenses. Defense is generally less predictable than offense, but is it particularly unusual to have this many defenses playing much better or worse than a year ago? Actually, yes.

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20 Oct 2009, 05:52pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 6 DVOA Ratings

Sorry, Brian Hoyer: 59-0 does wonders for the Pats' DVOA, but you're the reason they couldn't catch the Saints or make the all-time single-game top ten.

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