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17 Dec 2014, 07:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Bears Bench Cutler in Epic Fail (Not Fales)

The Bears have benched Jay Cutler for Jimmy Clausen for this week's game against Detroit. Just a colossal epic fail, and unfortunately not an epic Fales. Based on DVOA, Jay Cutler has been an average quarterback this year. He has very high highs and very low lows, but he's never been a bad quarterback. I assume this basically closes the door on his career in Chicago. What does starting Jimmy Clausen prove? Jimmy Clausen is terrible, and Jimmy Clausen is not a promising young player in any way?

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17 Dec 2014, 05:31pm by Vincent Verhei

49ers Release Ray McDonald

Four months ago, Ray McDonald was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. The team made no move to punish the defensive end, allowing him to play as the legal process worked itself out. In November, the Santa Clara District Attorney's office declined to press charges due to insufficient evidence.

Now, McDonald is being investigated for possible sexual assault, and the 49ers aren't waiting for an arrest. They have cut ties with McDonald, with general manager Trent Baalke Baalke citing a "pattern of behavior" in the decision.

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16 Dec 2014, 05:48pm by Matt Waldman

Losing Your Football Innocence

How to watch football with a more critical eye.

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15 Dec 2014, 05:02pm by Andrew Potter

Week 15 Injury Aftermath

Late in the year, the NFL is starting to run out of quarterbacks.

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15 Dec 2014, 09:24am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: Hot Teams and Baby Animals

Johnny Manziel, Gronk and the kitten, Chris Christie, and a nitwit dressed like an accident victim at the Panthers game.

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13 Dec 2014, 10:16am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's Week 15 Game Previews

Stay tuned to the end, where the Bears apply for honorary NFC South membership.

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12 Dec 2014, 02:14pm by Tom Gower

SNF: Eagles-Cowboys Could Come Down To This

Philadelphia has the #1-ranked special teams unit by DVOA, so I wrote about that and their improvement there over last year for this week's Sunday Night Football column for NBC Sports.

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11 Dec 2014, 11:03am by Matt Waldman

RSP Sample: Cardinals RB Kerwynn Williams

My pre-draft analysis of the Cardinals’ new back from the 2013 RSP and a play-by-play breakdown of Williams and Marion Grice from Sunday’s Chiefs’ game.

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10 Dec 2014, 10:25pm by Vincent Verhei

College Football: How to Argue Your Team Would Have Won

In the third part of their series, Brian Wong and the crew at Summit Analytics have simulated a four-team playoff for every season back to 2005 to see who might have won championships if the BCS hadn't been limited to two teams a year.

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09 Dec 2014, 02:25pm by Vincent Verhei

Browns Make Move To Manziel

The Brian Hoyer era in Cleveland is over. The Cleveland Browns announced today that Johnny Manziel, the 22nd overall pick in this year's draft, will start at quarterback for the rest of the season.

The Browns are 7-6, just 1 game out of a wild card spot and 1 1/2 games out of the division lead with three games to go. They host Cincinnati this weekend, then finish on the road against Carolina and Baltimore.

By DYAR, Hoyer has been below replacement level for four games in a row, and six times in the last eight games. Manziel's bar for success has been set awfully low.

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