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20 Jul 2016, 11:21pm by Vincent Verhei

Ivy League Moves Kickoffs to 40-Yard Line

The Ivy League has announced that it has received permission from the NCAA to experiment with kickoffs this season. In conference games only, teams will kick off from their own 40-yard line, with kickoffs being brought out to the 20.

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15 Jul 2016, 02:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Von Miller Signs New Six-Year Deal

The Broncos and Von Miller beat the franchise-tag extension deadline with a new deal that reportedly is worth $114 million over six years, with $70 million of that guaranteed.

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15 Jul 2016, 01:15pm by Aaron Schatz

Brady Ends Legal Process, Accepts Suspension

Tom Brady announced on his Facebook page that he will not pursue an appeal to the Supreme Court and will accept his four-game suspension. Here's once last thread for everybody to bitch about the Ideal Gas Law, the CBA, Roger Goodell's overreach, the "Cheatriots," and how this whole process shows that once again the NFL schedulemakers totally screwed the Seattle Seahawks.

Future threads will be dedicated to actual football questions such as "So, is Jimmy Garoppolo any good or not?"

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15 Jul 2016, 11:38am by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: 2016 KUBIAK Fantasy Projections Now Available!

The 2015 KUBIAK fantasy football projections are complete and available for download. One $20 purchase lets you download unlimited updates throughout the preseason. Or, pay less: this year, we've partnered with FanDuel and a first-time FanDuel deposit of $10 or more will get you KUBIAK for free. (Click to read more.)

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30 Jun 2016, 03:47pm by Vincent Verhei

McClain, Richardson, Manziel Suspended

The NFL got ready for the weekend by issuing a trio of suspensions.

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29 Jun 2016, 03:44pm by Aaron Schatz

Colts Sign Andrew Luck to Extension (UPDATED)

Details to come, of course, but Luck is apparently now the highest-paid player in the NFL. A source has told Ian Rapoport that the new contract pays Luck over $75 million for the first three years.

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28 Jun 2016, 10:20am by Aaron Schatz

Buddy Ryan Dead at 85

The great defensive mastermind Buddy Ryan passed away this morning at the age of 82. Ryan, of course, created the 46 defensive scheme for perhaps the best defensive team in NFL history, the 1985 Chicago Bears. He was also head coach for one of the often forgotten great defenses that followed, the late-80's Philadelphia Eagles. His twin sons Rex and Rob will coach together in Buffalo this season, and I expect to hear a lot about a season dedicated to their father's memory.

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27 Jun 2016, 10:15am by Tom Gower

MMQB: Dr. Z Week

Heading into the dead of the NFL offseason, MMQB kicks off a week honoring the legendary football writer Paul "Dr. Z" Zimmerman, knocked out of the writing game by strokes in 2008. Peter King's MMQB column starts things off with a look at Z's current status, residing in a New Jersey assisted living facility.

As outlined in today's column, here are the plans for articles later this week:

'• On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll have three excerpts from his book: Dr. Z on journalism, and his well-traveled career; his all-time team (offense); and his all-time team (defense).

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15 Jun 2016, 05:52pm by Vincent Verhei

Eugene Monroe: Unemployed Stoner

"On March 9, 2016, I became the first active NFL player to openly advocate for the use of cannabinoids to treat chronic pain and sports-related injuries. It's time for the NFL to change its archaic standards to better protect its players and set an example for our young athletes. For too long, I’ve watched my teammates and good friends battle with opioid addiction and leave the game with a long road still ahead; it's time to make a change."

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13 Jun 2016, 10:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Fletcher Cox Gets Paid

The Eagles announced a new contract extension tonight for defensive lineman Fletcher Cox. It's a six-year extension worth up to $103 million. Usually those numbers are a lot of nonsense but this time, there is a LOT of guaranteed money here. There's $36.3 million guaranteed at signing and another $19.3 million will be guaranteed by next March. Cox played defensive end in last year's 3-4 and will move back to defensive tackle with the Eagles returning to a 4-3 this season. He had 9.5 sacks and our charting (combining ESPN and SIS data) ranked him tied for fifth in the NFL with 34 hurries.

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