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18 Nov 2015, 08:35pm by Vincent Verhei

What Is Home Field Advantage Worth?

Here's another piece by English fan and statistician Joey Faulkner looking at the advantages home teams get when it comes to penalties -- and how those advantages tend to disappear later in games.

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16 Nov 2015, 07:44pm by Vincent Verhei

Rams Bench Nick Foles For Case Keenum

The St. Louis Rams' Twitter account made things pretty clear:

16 Nov 2015, 05:05pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 10 Injury Aftermath

Peyton Manning's multiple ailments highlight the injuries suffered around the league in Week 10.

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16 Nov 2015, 04:32pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: The Late Show

Peter King looks at the dramatic late games on Sunday, including New England's win to get to 9-0, Arizona establishing divisional dominance, and perhaps the end of Peyton Manning.

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16 Nov 2015, 12:17pm by Aaron Schatz

Update #2: Saints DO IN FACT Fire Rob Ryan

The Saints are on pace to break the NFL record for touchdown passes allowed, so out you go, Rob Ryan. UPDATE: Well, change of plans. Apparently, these original reports were incorrect. In a press conference today, Sean Payton insisted that Rob Ryan was still his defensive coordinator. As of Monday afternoon, at least.

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16 Nov 2015, 08:50am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Hangover: Peyton Manning Headlines a Sunday of Shattered Dreams

Also featuring speculation about the content of Rob Ryan's blackmail videos.

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15 Nov 2015, 07:21pm by Scott Kacsmar

How Long Will Peyton Manning Hold the Passing Yards Record?

Peyton Manning broke the NFL record for passing yards, but will he spend more time being the guy expected to break the record than the actual record holder? Regardless, he's always been on a record pace for it despite challenges from his peers and his health. (Click to read more.)

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14 Nov 2015, 09:29am by Mike Tanier

NFL Week 10: Mike Tanier's Previews and Score Predictions

Hey folks! I am back after a week of flying across the country and not being able to easily update stuff. Look for a cool insidery feature from me at Bleacher Report in the weeks to come. Until then: the usual previews, including Part II of Peyton Manning's novella.

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12 Nov 2015, 03:47pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: 2015 Loser League Part II Is Here!

The time has come to join Part II of the Loser League! Pick the worst fantasy football players for Weeks 10-17 and you'll get a chance to win a free copy of our 2016 KUBIAK fantasy football projections.

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10 Nov 2015, 04:31pm by Aaron Schatz

Andrew Luck Out 2-6 Weeks with Lacerated Kidney

Breaking and unexpected injury news. Andrew Luck will miss 2-6 weeks with a laceration in one of his kidneys as well as a partial tear of an abdominal muscle. It's not quite as bad for the Colts as you might imagine. They have a bye this week, and Matt Hasselbeck is still a reasonable backup at the age of 40. I assume Hasselbeck faces Atlanta in Week 11 -- the Falcons schedule gets EVEN MORE RIDICULOUSLY EASY with this injury -- and probably Tampa Bay in Week 12. Perhaps Luck can be back in time for Week 13 at Pittsburgh?

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