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08 Jun 2016, 01:33pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL's Dream Coaching Staff

I enjoyed this SI feature by our old friend Doug Farrar. If you could put together an NFL coaching staff using any coaches, even if some of them were demoted to lower positions, who would you put where? He starts with Belichick, with Bruce Arians and Wade Phillips as his coordinators. But on my dream team, Belichick only gets to be head coach. He has to work with Ozzie Newsome as his GM. It's cool, they've worked together in the past. This time they won't be signing Andre Rison.

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07 Jun 2016, 04:07pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: FO Seeks Database Programmer

Football Outsiders is looking for a programmer to help us with database projects that will improve our stats pages. (Click to read more.)

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27 May 2016, 10:42am by Tom Gower

Rex And Rob: The Battling (And Babbling) Buffalo Bros

Rex and Rob Ryan open up to Jenny Vrentas of the MMQB about, oh, all sorts of things, like the Bills' 2015 defensive struggles, what went wrong in New Orleans, working together, working for Bill Belichick, sleeping in the office in January, struggles with weight, getting fired, and some other stuff.

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24 May 2016, 05:42pm by Aaron Schatz

SI's Andy Benoit Seeks Research Intern

Hey, readers. Our old pal Andy Benoit, former FO writer and now Sports Illustrated writer, is looking for new members for his team of researchers and fact-checkers. The position is on a volunteer basis for anyone looking to gain experience in football media. Much like an internship with FO, it requires an extensive knowledge of the NFL plus the drive to double-check even the seemingly most tedious of facts.

Also, Benoit is looking for a social media guru to help expand his Facebook and Twitter reach.

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23 May 2016, 08:10pm by Vincent Verhei

Which Of The NFL's 'Dumbest' Strategies Are Smarter Than You Think?

Our old buddy Mike Tanier is back with a look at "dumb" NFL strategies that fans hate, and whether or not things like prevent defenses, third-and-long runs, and short field goals are even worth trying.

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19 May 2016, 02:17pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: Seek Interns to Handle XP/TWIQ

Football Outsiders seeks a couple of new interns to specifically handle two parts of our website: 1) Compiling the Week in Quotes during the season as well as occasional Month in Quotes articles in the offseason; 2) Searching independent team blogs occasionally for quality articles we can highlight with links and discussion on our Extra Points blog.

The internship is unpaid, but college credit is available if your university allows for it. Solid work could lead to writing opportunities down the line!

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11 May 2016, 12:29pm by Tom Gower

How NFL Quarterbacks Are Made

Great long piece on MMQB by Robert Klemko, looking at the development and training of the quarterbacks picked in the 2016 draft. A lot of the things are unsurprising-most of them played 7-on-7 football, not just in the fall, virtually all of them worked with specialized QB coaches outside their family and normal high school coaches, family support was key, and, yes, many of those families had money to pay for those specialized coaches-but there's a lot to read and consider in this detailed article.

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09 May 2016, 06:02pm by Vincent Verhei

Proposing A 32-Team NFL Trade

Kenneth Arthur at Sports On Earth has put together the most fun random offseason thought experiment I've seen in a while: Is it possible to put together a trade in which every NFL team gives a player to get a player ... with every team coming out improved when all is said and done?

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05 May 2016, 04:54pm by Vincent Verhei

In The Line Of Fire

This piece by Pete Prisco of CBS Sports has been making the rounds the past few days.

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03 May 2016, 04:31pm by Aaron Schatz

Visualizing Wide Receiver Routes with Player Tracking Data

Those "next-gen stats" on NFL broadcasts are pretty useless, but there's actually a ton of interesting things you can do with the Zebra data that tracks player movement with chips in each player's shoulder pads. Nik Oza from the Georgetown Sports Analysis club got access to similar data as part of the 2016 MIT Sloan Conference "Hackathon" and shares here some of the things teams will be able to do with this tracking data.

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