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13 Nov 2013, 08:08am by Mike Tanier

Assignment: Manning

Remember the Blueprint for stopping the 2007 Giants? It has been six years, so I figured I could dust off the blueprint concept without repeating myself. Here is a detailed breakdown of Chiefs defensive tactics that can stop the Broncos.

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13 Nov 2013, 02:13am by Matt Waldman

Jordy Nelson vs Bump and Run

The Nelson-Aaron Rodgers combo is among the best in football at the back-shoulder fade. One of the reasons this play remains so effective for the Packers’ duo is that Nelson is equally strong at earning separation against press coverage and winning 50/50 balls in the vertical game. Defenders cannot assume every deep pass is a back-shoulder play. Read the rest at the RSP blog.

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12 Nov 2013, 01:55pm by Rivers McCown

Texans Release Ed Reed; Jets Sign Ed Reed

Let this be a lesson: if you're an old safety that can't really play anymore, at least be an old safety that can't really play anymore that keeps his mouth shut.

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12 Nov 2013, 11:32am by Matt Waldman

Tyrann Mathieu and Economy of Motion

Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu is playing his tail off and the biggest reason this rookie has made the jump from LSU to the NFL with a year away from football in between is his mental command of the game. Mathieu is an incisive player and it’s easy to see this quality on the field. The RSP blog profiles two plays against the Texans – notably Andre Johnson and Ben Tate – where Mathieu demonstrates multiple skills with no wasted motion.

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11 Nov 2013, 04:29pm by Rivers McCown

Week 10 Injury Aftermath

All the latest on Week 10's injuries. (Click to read more.)

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11 Nov 2013, 01:02pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Lions, Panthers

This week PK champions Carolina and Detroit for playoff spots, looks at the latest in the Incognito saga, and writes a requiem for Bailey.

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11 Nov 2013, 11:06am by Aaron Schatz

Fade Into the Red Zone

Good analysis here by Jason Lisk, who analyzed all passes near the red zone this season and came up with a heat map showing where passes were successful and where they were not. He finds some support for the anti-fade forces out there, and reasons to show short of the end zone to get YAC rather than throwing every pass all the way for six.

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11 Nov 2013, 08:08am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Go Figure

We lead off this week with a "What Just Happened?" roundup, then use the Football Outsiders Playoff Odds report to look at a bunch of sub-.500 teams still in the playoff hunt thanks to the Cowboys-Bengals-Colts axis of division leading foolishness.

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08 Nov 2013, 04:13pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Easiest First-Half Schedules Ever

Does Kansas City have the easiest schedule in history through Week 9? (Click to read more.)

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08 Nov 2013, 09:36am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 10

Questing for humor in these troubled times. Finding Eminem rapping in a little too much detail about the 2012 draft, Andy Dalton the Doubt Vampire, Jaguars self-exams, and of course, Todd Haley.

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