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07 Nov 2016, 08:53am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Digest: Big Ben's Burden, Rams Must Go Goff, Raiders on a Roll

The headline says it all. Except squirrels.

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04 Nov 2016, 04:14pm by Vincent Verhei

NFL1000: Ranking the Top 1,000 Players at Midseason

Our old buddy Doug Farrar and his crew (incuding FO's own Cian Fahey reveal the NFL's best players at the season's midpoint.

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04 Nov 2016, 03:50pm by Mike Tanier

Future of the NFL: The Virtual, Augmented, 3D, 360-Degree Football Experience

Part One of a three-parter on what the NFL will look like in ten years. This one starts with a virtual Tom Brady on your pool table, then gets crazy.

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02 Nov 2016, 10:55am by Tom Gower

Vikings OC Norv Turner Resigns

Big news this morning from Adam Schefter: Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner has resigned in the wake of Monday's lousy offensive performance against the Chicago Bears. Tight ends coach Pat Shurmur takes over the reins of DVOA's 24th-ranked offense.

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31 Oct 2016, 04:22pm by Andrew Potter

Week 8 Injury Aftermath

Who might be the next former Falcons running back to get extended playing time for this year's Buccaneers? (Click to read more.)

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31 Oct 2016, 02:01pm by Andrew Potter

Andre Johnson Retires

One of the greatest receivers of his generation has called time on his career.

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31 Oct 2016, 12:33pm by Tom Gower

NFL Trade Deadline: Jamie Collins to Browns

The NFL trade deadline doesn't normally produce in the manner of news. But Adam Schefter just dropped a big one: the New England Patriots have traded linebacker Jamie Collins to the Browns for a third-round compensatory pick.

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31 Oct 2016, 07:50am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Digest: The NFL is Fun Again, Especially If You're the Patriots

Featuring Precott-Wentz I, penalty complaints and much, much more.

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29 Oct 2016, 02:04pm by Tom Gower

Jaguars Fire OC Greg Olson

The Jacksonville Jaguars have reportedly fired their offensive coordinator, Greg Olson. The move comes one day after head coach Gus Bradley said there would be no staff changes, and two days after Blake Bortles amused a national television audience with his errant passes against the Tennessee Titans before rebounding to finish with 354 yards passing and three touchdowns. Jacksonville ranked 29th in offensive DVOA before Thursday night's game.

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26 Oct 2016, 04:20pm by Tom Gower

DVOA vs. Me on Titans Offense

For my personal site, I took a deeper look at the numbers behind why feel I right complaining most weeks in Audibles about a Titans offense that DVOA currently rates as the 11th-best in the league.

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