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23 Jul 2015, 01:45pm by Aaron Schatz

The Lingerie Football Trap

What do you do if you are a woman and you want to play competitive football? You get stuck wearing a bikini in a league that doesn't pay you or provide health insurance -- because it's the best competitive football you can play. This is a great bit of long-form journalism over at Grantland by Jordan Ritter Conn. I ended up watching a bit of a "Legends" Football League game when flipping channels a couple weeks ago and the quality of play was no different from your usual Arena Football game.

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22 Jul 2015, 08:44am by Mike Tanier

NFL Urban Legends: Ray Guy and the Helium Punt

Another week, another Urban Legend. This one takes us back to DeflateGate 77.

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16 Jul 2015, 08:57am by Mike Tanier

NFL Urban Legends: Bo Jackson and the Too-Fast-to-be-True 40-Yard Dash

Hey folks, Tanier here. This Bo Jackson article is the first in a multi-part series on NFL Urban Legends. Hope you enjoy.

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15 Jul 2015, 07:07pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: 2015 KUBIAK Fantasy Projections Now Available!

Finally, the 2015 KUBIAK fantasy football projections are complete and available for download. One $20 purchase lets you download unlimited updates throughout the preseason. Plus, our deal with DraftKings.com has returned, and can help you get KUBIAK for just TEN BUCKS! (Click to read more.)

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15 Jul 2015, 03:20pm by Vincent Verhei

Deadline Deals: Bryant, Houston, Gostkowski, Thomas Get Paid (UPDATED)

With barely an hour to go before Wednesday's deadline, a trio of franchise tag players came to long-term deals with their clubs today.

Wide receiver Dez Bryant has agreed to a five-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys worth up to $70 million with $45 million guaranteed, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. He would have made $12.8 million this season had he signed his franchise tender.

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10 Jul 2015, 02:38pm by Aaron Schatz

Greg Hardy Suspension Reduced to Four Games

Arbitrator Harold Henderson has upheld the NFL's suspension of Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy for domestic violence, but has reduced it to four games. I know a lot of people will compare this to Tom Brady's four-game suspension for DeflateGate, or Le'Veon Bell's three-game suspension for a marijuana arrest. The differences do highlight the absurd inconsistency in when the NFL dcides to hand down suspensions, and how long they are. But also remember that the legal process with each suspension and appeal is different.

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09 Jul 2015, 07:37pm by Aaron Schatz

Ken Stabler Passes Away at 69

The great former Raiders (and Saints and Oilers) quarterback Kenny "The Snake" Stabler has passed away due to colon cancer at the age of 69. There was some confusion about this on Twitter earlier today, but his family has now confirmed the death. Stabler made four Pro Bowls but his career peaked in 1976. When we did the "Top 100 QB Seasons Ever" in our first book, 10 years ago, we had that season at No. 7.

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06 Jul 2015, 01:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

In case you didn't see it mentioned everywhere else, Jason Pierre-Paul was injured this weekend in a fireworks accident. Information dribbled out slowly, but the original extreme (and apparently false) reports of "he blew off his fingers and will never play again" eventually settled into a general feeling of "he has very severe burns, possibly some nerve damage in fingers, and is likely to miss the start of the season." I think what's interesting here, past the actual injury itself, is JPP's contract status. (Click to read more.)

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03 Jul 2015, 08:17am by Mike Tanier

First in War, Third in the AAFC: The Story of Pro Football's Yankees and Dodgers

Hey gang: Tanier here. Looking for a patriotic longform to read on a lazy Fourth of July weekend? Maybe one with Tom Landry, Branch Rickey and Chiang Kai-shek as major characters? How about one with links to some amazing WWII-era football film. You are in luck! Bleacher Report let me tell the story of the postwar Yankees and Dodgers, a pair of teams that helped win a war but, thanks to those mighty Cleveland Browns, lost the peace.

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02 Jul 2015, 02:15pm by Vincent Verhei

NFL Hands Down 4-Game Suspensions: Richardson, Gates, McClain

The NFL has suspended a number of players for the first four games of the 2015 regular season for violating the NFL's policy and program for substances of abuse, including Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, Chargers tight end Antonio Gates, and Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain. (Click to read more.)

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