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28 Dec 2006, 09:55am by Doug Farrar

Worst Coach of 2006: A Second Opinion

A motion has been made to reconsider the worst coach of 2006 title. Tom Coughlin's firing of Jim Hufnagel has made Doug Farrar pick him as the worst. (Click link to read more.)

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28 Dec 2006, 09:50am by Aaron Schatz

Quarterback YAC

Last year we reviewed the Yards After Catch total for quarterbacks. This year, we will compare the 2006 season's numbers with 2005, and one quarterback stands out above the rest in both seasons. (Click link to read more.)

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27 Dec 2006, 12:02pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Cowher Hints at Faster Decision on Status

In his Tuesday press conference, Bill Cowher said he will discuss his future coaching plans next week. Now that the postseason is no longer an issue, the talk among fans and media is who will replace Cowher if he chooses to retire. There has also been some discussion locally that the Steelers' job is one of the most sought after in professional sports and I wonder if outside observers agree. And if so, does that put previously thought untouchable coaches in play for the position? Assuming, of course, Cowher actually calls it quits.

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27 Dec 2006, 11:18am by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Vince-anity!

Aaron Schatz addresses why Vince Young's rushing DPAR is so low. (Click link to read more.)

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27 Dec 2006, 04:32am by Doug Farrar

Coughlin Demotes Offensive Coordinator

As I told Mike Tanier after reading his most recent FOX Blog entry, "The Worst Coach of 2006", he may want to give Tom Coughlin more consideration. The Giants' head coach has stripped offensive coordinator John Hufnagel of his play-calling responsibilities before the final game of the season, though he says he's been pondering the move for weeks.

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26 Dec 2006, 05:02pm by Aaron Schatz

Halfway Out the Vikings Door

Yes, will the last Minnesota veteran to be cut please turn out the lights? Marcus Robinson is already gone, and there are definitely more guys who will go over the next couple months.

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26 Dec 2006, 11:47am by Aaron Schatz

So Much Favre Love You'll Blow Your Head Off

If the whole point of the flex scheduling was to allow NBC to show meaningful matchups late in the season, why on earth did they choose Green Bay-Chicago as the final prime time game of the season? What, Brett Favre again? By this point, most people seem to think he's not retiring, so this actually isn't his final game, and I can't imagine that many people across the country care about watching Brett Favre play the Chicago backups (except for maybe us Adrian Peterson acolytes). There's an excellent chance that Green Bay will be out of the playoff hunt before this game starts.

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26 Dec 2006, 11:22am by Mike Tanier

The Worst Coach of 2006

And the Winner of the 2006 Worst Coach of the Year Award is...drum roll please...(Click link to read more.)

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25 Dec 2006, 09:12am by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Christmas Presence

Peter King starts with the story of Sgt. Mike McGuire before getting to yesterday's NFL action.

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24 Dec 2006, 11:26am by Mike Tanier

God Rest Me, Merry Gentleman

Let nothing you dismay. Rundown will be finished this coming Tuesday. (Click link to read more.)

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