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31 Aug 2006, 10:34am by P. Ryan Wilson

Steelers Sign Parker to Four-Year Deal

By most accounts, this is a win-win for both sides. The Steelers lock up a running back just entering his prime, and Willie Parker signs a contract that pays him handsomely, but probably a few dollars short of what he could've earned in free agency with another solid season.

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30 Aug 2006, 05:57pm by P. Ryan Wilson

10 Most Feared NFL Players

Okay, this list must be in random order because I don't get some of these rankings. Specifically, the poor chap at No. 10. It goes without saying, but I'll repeat it anyway: Somebody will pay for this, probably in the form of decapitation.

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30 Aug 2006, 12:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Why Bad Hamstrings Happen to Good Wide Receivers

To go along with their agreement to broadcast Sunday Night Football, NBC Sports has redesigned and expanded its website. In the football realm, at least, they are attempting to compete with ESPN, SI, FOX, and CBS Sportsline. Now, while nobody should ever get the wrong impression -- FOXSports.com is by far the best NFL website out there, that Ned Macey guy is very interesting and that Mike Tanier guy is always funny -- NBC did make a nice move by hiring Tom Curran away from the Providence Journal-Bulletin to be their lead NFL writer.

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30 Aug 2006, 10:57am by P. Ryan Wilson

Redskins Sign Punter, Boot Him Six Hours Later

This has to be some kind of record. The Washington Redskins, in desperate need of punting help, signed Eddie Johnson to compete with Derrick Frost. After a morning workout, Johnson complained of a sore leg and the Redskins promptly cut him. I know what you're thinking -- I'm thinking the same thing: ROBO-PUNTER! ROBO-PUNTER! ROBO-PUNTER! Dan Snyder's got the money, so what's the hold up? And if you don't like that idea, how about putting Tom Cruise back there? Who wouldn't want to see that? (free registration/bugmenot required)

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29 Aug 2006, 01:56pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ's 7th Annual NFC Preview

If you're looking for your TMQ basketball fix, it's only 51 weeks away.

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29 Aug 2006, 12:56pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Pennington Wins Starting QB Job

I don't know if this will have any real effect on wins and losses, but Chad Pennington re-wins the starting job in New York. Also worth noting: Curtis Martin will start the year on the PUP list while Kevan Barlow, Derrick Blaylock and Cedric Houston share the carries.

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29 Aug 2006, 09:49am by P. Ryan Wilson

The Lowdown on the Heisman

We hope to post more college-related Extra Points this season and DJ Gallo's look at the top 20 Heisman candidates seems like as good a place to start as any.

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28 Aug 2006, 09:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Kubiak "Very Concerned" about RB Davis

On one hand, we seem to be in the middle of a paradigm shift when it comes to knee injuries. Carson Palmer, Braylon Edwards, Daunte Culpepper -- all these guys are coming back faster than anyone ever imagined. On the other hand, you have whatever is wrong with Domanick Davis, which nobody seems very clear about. But today, Gary Kubiak named sixth-round pick Wali Lundy as his starter and suggested that the Texans might cut Davis on Friday. It would truly be an astonishing turn of events.

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28 Aug 2006, 06:51pm by Aaron Schatz

Raiders Sign Jeff George

The Raiders have taken Mike Tanier's biting criticism from PFP 2006 to heart and descended into total self-parody.

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28 Aug 2006, 06:44pm by Michael David Smith

Introducing AOL Fanhouse

I'm excited to let you know that AOL Sports has started up a new blog devoted to the NFL, and two Outsiders (Ryan Wilson and I) will be part of it. Ryan and I are covering league-wide issues, and we've got bloggers across the country devoted to individual teams. I hope you'll check it out, but don't worry, loyal Extra Points readers: Ryan and I will still be contributing here as well.

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