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09 Aug 2006, 07:29am by Michael David Smith

Maurice Clarett Arrested

Only hours before he was scheduled to appear in court for an aggravated robbery charge, Maurice Clarett was arrested Wednesday morning after police found an arsenal of weapons inside an SUV he was driving.

"(Clarett) was resisting to the point that they felt it was necessary to try to use a Taser," said Columbus police Sgt. Mike Woods. "He had a bulletproof vest on and the Tasers would not penetrate that, so they used Mace. It took several officers to get his arms behind his back and get him under control and handcuffed."

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08 Aug 2006, 08:15pm by Michael David Smith

Goodell Named Commissioner

Roger Goodell is the new commissioner of the National Football League. Discuss: Is it wise to hire someone from the inside? And what should be his top priority?

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08 Aug 2006, 03:08pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: How Snyder Helped Save the NFL

After six years, Gregg Easterbrook has a new opinion of Dan Snyder: "Snyder should now be admired by anyone who loves professional football. Snyder helped rescue the league in 2006, and did so by putting his own ego and financial concerns aside."

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08 Aug 2006, 12:09pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Bengals Call Out Jerk Fans

One of the by-products of Cincy's resurgence is increased popularity. And as attendance grows, the greater the chances law-abiding ticket holders encounter drunk, belligerent fans who make the stadium experience almost unbearable. The Bengals organization has come up with a plan to remedy all the out-of-control numbnuts who ruin the game for others: 513-381-JERK. That's right, just dial this number and report the offending party (be sure to include their seat number; or their uniform number if it's an AFC North matchup).

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08 Aug 2006, 11:06am by P. Ryan Wilson

Training-Camp Postcard: 49ers

SI's Nunyo Demasio is in 49ers camp this week and writes that QB Alex Smith is showing confidence and building a rapport with his new offensive weapons after suffering through a disastrous rookie season. The highlight of Demasio's report -- in my estimation, anyway -- is this little nugget: "Coach Mike Nolan spent part of the morning practice having his players simulate sprinting out a tunnel before kickoff. Nolan was persnickety about where each player stood and how he trotted onto the field.

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07 Aug 2006, 11:23pm by Aaron Schatz

Borat Learns Football

You know, that football they have in Kazakhstan doesn't sound like much fun. Click on this post to see the actual video.

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07 Aug 2006, 02:52pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Mike Bell Will Be No. 1 RB for Preseason Opener

Two Denver Broncos rookies are moving up the depth chart: The team announced that undrafted free agent Mike Bell is now the No. 1 running back, and first-round pick Jay Cutler has replaced Bradlee Van Pelt as Jake Plummer's backup.

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07 Aug 2006, 01:33pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Will Patriots Be Rotten with Missing Core?

FO reader Malene provides the link, and this quote from Willie McGinest pretty much says it all: "When you start losing your core guys, it's kind of hard, especially when the guys who are coming in don't work as hard or play as hard ... Duane Starks, he came in and played like trash. He was terrible ... As good as this system is, you've still got to have those core players in that system." It's official: everybody on the planet thinks Duane Starks is awful at his job.

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07 Aug 2006, 12:58pm by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Looking Out For No. 1

Peter King hits the Bengals and Texans training camp to check on the progress of two former No. 1 picks: Carson Palmer, who's recovering from a knee injury, and David Carr, who's recovering from four consecutive losing seasons.

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06 Aug 2006, 04:39pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Training-Camp Postcard: Colts

I like Peter King -- I really do -- but to say that "... the Colts gained more with the addition of Adam Vinatieri than they lost with the subtraction of James," is just plain silly. Yeah, I know, Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai will share the running back duties, but unless these guys can pick up the blitz like James, he'll be missed. Or maybe King thinks Vinatieri can block in which case, well, it still doesn't make any sense.

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