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04 Aug 2006, 01:32pm by Michael David Smith

Top 25: 1. Ohio State, 2. Texas

The coaches' poll has released its Top 25, and it reminds us that we all need to tell our wives and girlfriends now that we're not going out on Saturday, September 9. That's the night that top-ranked Ohio State takes on No. 2 and defending champ Texas. Oh, and then the next day we've got a full slate of NFL games.

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04 Aug 2006, 10:35am by Aaron Schatz

White Wide Receivers Fight Discrimination

Somewhere, Brian Stablein is crying tears of joy. Finally, someone understands his pain.

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04 Aug 2006, 12:28am by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Refs to Sport New Uniforms

Rumor has it that Ed Hochuli will wear a sleeveless version of the new shirts on a trial basis during the preseason.

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03 Aug 2006, 09:22am by P. Ryan Wilson

LaMont's Lament

Good news Raiders fans: LaMont Jordan will actually study his playbook this season. A year ago he admitted to not knowing the team's blocking schemes, but still managed to rush for 1,025 yards. I guess this is what five-year, $27.5 million contracts get you these days.

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03 Aug 2006, 02:11am by P. Ryan Wilson

Chiefs Trade for Michael Bennett

Despite Chief's president Carl Peterson's proclamations to the contrary, I have a hunch that Priest Holmes is done in Kansas City.

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31 Jul 2006, 02:48pm by Aaron Schatz

Brian Finneran Probably Done for Year

I know there's this rumor that we hate everything Atlanta-related, but that's actually not true. One example: We've been singing the praises of Brian Finneran for a couple of years. Which is why I am really bummed about this news that Finneran suffered a knee injury yesterday. The Falcons haven't announced the official MRI results yet, but all indications are that this is a torn ligament or patella tendon that will cost Finneran the season. Pressure on Michael Jenkins and Roddy White just went up, and there's really no depth behind them.

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31 Jul 2006, 09:55am by P. Ryan Wilson

Shockey Watches His Mouth, but a Pattern Remains

I guess Jeremy Shockey can be a bit much at times, but he's still one of the best tight ends in the league. And for all his off-the-field activities, he has yet to find himself in the back of a patrol car, which apparently is a near impossibility for a professional football player this off-season. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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30 Jul 2006, 12:00pm by Aaron Schatz

Secrets of the 2006 NFL Season

Good stuff here. I wouldn't mind trying one of those Randy Moss "Ghetto Blaster" shots.

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30 Jul 2006, 12:37am by Aaron Schatz

FO in the NY Times: N.F.L. Preseason Games Are Meaningful to Some

Another FO appearance in the NY Times, this time discussing some research done by other folks. The preseason, it turns out, might mean something -- if you know where to look. Patrick Allison, by the way, is an FO reader, and the research referenced here will run in an FO guest column later this week. I'll be doing the Times again in a couple weeks, with some penalty research that I didn't get done in time for the book. (Free registration or bugmenot required)

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30 Jul 2006, 12:08am by P. Ryan Wilson

Sources: Bush Agrees to Deal with Saints

Jay Glazer reports: "Reggie Bush could join his first pro team as early as Sunday. Team sources told FOXSports.com that Bush and the New Orleans Saints agreed in principle on a 6-year deal that is sandwiched between Vince Young's contract at No. 3 and Mario Williams' at No. 1."

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