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27 Sep 2005, 12:11pm by Michael David Smith

Shockey: Coughlin Wrong to Bench Burress

Tom Coughlin's rule that players have to be five minutes early to every meeting is silly. Why not just tell them when the meeting starts and treat them like the adults they are by starting it at the stated time, not five minutes before the stated time?

But as long as it's the coach's rule, the players have to abide by it, and Plaxico Burress didn't last week. Because of that, Coughlin sat him during the Giants' first drive. Jeremy Shockey says that hurt the offense, and he's not happy about it.

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27 Sep 2005, 08:51am by P. Ryan Wilson

Kurt Warner to Miss Game in Mexico City

Ay, caramba! Kurt Warner faltará el juego siguiente, pero Josh McCown comenzará. Más cosas cambian, más que permanecen igual.

OK, the translation isn't perfect -- in fact, I'm guessing it's pretty bad -- but the point remains the same: Josh McCown just won't go away. (Thanks Babel Fish; bugmenot/free registration required)

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26 Sep 2005, 09:36pm by P. Ryan Wilson

No Thanks

If you scroll down to the second story of the Steelers' Notebook, you'll find this peculiar bit:

"As tackle Matt Light lay on the turf with a serious leg injury in the second quarter, [Steelers' trainer John] Norwig ran over to see if he could help, as opposing trainers often will do with serious injuries.

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26 Sep 2005, 09:35pm by Aaron Schatz

Pennington, Fiedler Injured in Loss

The first 12 comments here came when Ryan posted earlier in the day that Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler were out for an unspecified amount of time. According to the AP, that amount of time is now "all year" for Pennington and "six weeks" for Fiedler. Is Vinny Testaverde already waiting by his phone? Did the entire AFC East break a mirror and run over a black cat yesterday? And how good do people who bet the over on the Miami Dolphins feel right now?

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26 Sep 2005, 08:14pm by Michael David Smith

Clock Error Helped Patriots Beat Steelers

How did no one notice this? The officials and the stadium clock manager screwed up the timing of the beginning of the fourth quarter, adding 52 seconds that the Patriots put to good use at the end of the game. Obviously, we have no way of knowing what strategic changes either team would have made if the clock had been set properly, but it's eye-opening to see that a mistake like this can happen and no one notices until a day later.

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26 Sep 2005, 01:52pm by Ned Macey

Spikes and Harrison Both Out For Season

With the early season struggles of Losman, this is the last thing the Bills need. The run defense has looked bad with Spikes in there, so I can't imagine where it will go from here.

Added 5pm: Not a good day for the AFC East all around, as WBZ-4 in Boston is reporting that Rodney Harrison tore his ACL and is also gone for the year. Matt Light has a broken bone below his knee and could return late in the season; Will should have more on that in Black and Blue Report later this week.

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26 Sep 2005, 12:44pm by Michael David Smith

Tillman's Family Demands the Truth

I went for an early-morning walk today and wore my Pat Tillman jersey. There is no player in the history of football I admire more than Tillman, and when I read this article today I came to admire him, and his family, even more. I think I'll put my Tillman jersey back on when I get home tonight.

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26 Sep 2005, 12:15pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Best in the Business

Peter King praises the Patriots, although he does rank the Colts ahead of them in his Fine Fifteen. I think the most interesting aspect of his article is where he writes that "Belichick would have coached this game differently than Bill Cowher: he wouldn't have left so much time on the clock. The Steelers had plenty of time, 3:19, to score the tying touchdown. But they left 1:21 on the clock."

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26 Sep 2005, 11:36am by Michael David Smith

Bengals Fans Happy, Packers Fans Angry

ESPN has a fun little feature where they poll fans and ask them whether they approve or disapprove of the way their team's coach is handling his job. Marvin Lewis of the Bengals comes in first with a 97 percent approval rating. I would love to meet the 3 percent of Bengals fans who aren't happy with a coach who took over the most inept franchise in football and now has them at 3-0.

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25 Sep 2005, 07:27pm by Aaron Schatz

Travis Henry to Be Suspended

According to the CBS pregame show today, the league will suspend Travis Henry of the Titans four games for testing positive for a banned substance (to be named later). I'm sure Will Carroll will have more about this in Black and Blue Report on Wednesday, but here's a place to talk about it before then.

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