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24 Mar 2006, 12:59am by Aaron Schatz

Panthers Land Keyshawn in $14 Million Deal

Now that, my friends, is a perfect fit. Team with best receiver in football, but terrible depth at the position, gets an excellent possession receiver who can catch tough passes across the middle and keep defenses from sticking five guys on Steve Smith. Keary Colbert, please enjoy this delicious consolation prize, a box of Rice o' Roni's new "Bench Splinters" flavor.

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23 Mar 2006, 02:54pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Cowboys Sign Vanderjagt

So much for hoping Mike Vanderjagt ended up in New England. Now that he's a Cowboy, I'll conservatively set the over/under for the inevitable T.O./Vanderjagt locker room scuffle at Week 2.

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23 Mar 2006, 11:59am by P. Ryan Wilson

Young Gives Scouts What They Wanted

Everybody has an opinion on Vince Young's pro day workout yesterday. He ran around a 4.6-forty, threw 57 passes with only five incompletions (and a couple of those were drops), and showed off a strong arm. Some scouts still have questions about Young making, "certain drops and throws," but those concerns can be addressed in private workouts.

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22 Mar 2006, 07:42pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL Concerned about Perception of Officiating

I think the league is finally on the right track here. They admit there is a problem, and they even sound like they might take FO's advice: simplify the rules, rather than making them more complicated. Take the little ticky-tack stuff that we all know happens on every play and make it legal.

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22 Mar 2006, 02:55pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Ballpark Figures

Here's an interesting article from the Boston Globe on how taxpayer-financed sports stadiums offer next to nothing in the way of economic benefits for the cities in which they're built. In other news, the Arizona Cardinals are all set to open their $355 million stadium -- complete with a retractable roof and a retractable field -- in August.

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21 Mar 2006, 10:10pm by Michael David Smith

Abraham to Falcons in Three-Way Trade

The Falcons, Jets and Broncos appear to be putting the finishing touches on a trade that will give Abraham, a third-rounder in this year's draft and a fourth-rounder in 2007 to the Falcons, the 29th pick in the draft to the Jets, and the 15th pick in the draft to the Broncos. Feel free to speculate here about what the Jets will do with the 29th pick and what the Broncos will do with the 15th. Are more trades with those picks coming?

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21 Mar 2006, 08:55pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Report: Vinatieri Signs with Colts

Huh. Didn't see that coming. Now all that's left is for Mike Vanderjagt to sign with the Patriots.

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21 Mar 2006, 05:10pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Free Agency Winners and Losers

Don Banks gives us his free agency winners and losers in a column that's sure to create some controversy (which is the idea, I suppose). It's easy to argue with such lists, but I'll just point out one thing: Banks notes the Redskins are losers because of -- you guessed it -- their impending salary cap doom. Has a team had a better free agency than Washington?

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21 Mar 2006, 12:39pm by Aaron Schatz

Nine and Counting

Yesterday, the Cleveland Browns dealt safety Chris Crocker to Atlanta for a fourth-round pick. This leaves just nine draft picks from the Butch Davis Era (2001-2004) still on the team. Only three of those players are starters: linebackers Andra Davis and Ben Taylor, and tight end Kellen Winslow -- assuming you want to count a guy who has only played two games in two years as a "starter." Center Jeff Faine was a starter, but has been essentially replaced by LeCharles Bentley and given permission to seek a trade.

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21 Mar 2006, 11:53am by P. Ryan Wilson

Hutchinson Gone, Peterson In

The Seahawks lost guard Steven Hutchinson to the Vikings, but signed linebacker Julian Peterson to a seven-year, $54 million contract. I don't think Peterson was signed to replace Hutchinson, so who'll play left guard for Seattle in 2006? And how will this effect Shaun Alexander and the running game?

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