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28 Nov 2005, 02:51pm by Russell Levine

Lions Fire Head Coach Mariucci

Not really shocking news here after the Thanksgiving Day debacle, but the real question is, how does Matt Millen still have a job? Didn't he hire Mooch? Didn't he draft three straight first-round receivers and a QB who still looks like a confused rookie in year four?

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28 Nov 2005, 12:09pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Please, Dungy, Don't Sit Manning

Peter King writes that Tony Dungy told him he'll rest his starters if the Colts clinch home-field advantage, playing for a healthy Super Bowl run rather than an undefeated season. I'm torn. On the one hand, I think it's the right move from a strategic standpoint. On the other hand, I'd love to see a team take a real run at 16-0. Of course, it's entirely possible that the Colts will lose tonight and suddenly become more concerned with falling behind Denver than with keeping up with the '72 Dolphins.

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28 Nov 2005, 10:32am by P. Ryan Wilson

Leftwich Out with Broken Ankle

Two reasons Byron Leftwich's injury may not be as bad as it could've been: (1) the Jaguars' schedule (of the five teams left to play, only the Colts have a winning record), and (2) David Garrard. And hey, if Garrard has a few Tommy Maddox moments, there's always Matt Jones.

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27 Nov 2005, 10:34pm by Michael David Smith

Irvin Arrested on Misdemeanor Drug Charge

Michael Irvin's odds of making the Hall of Fame just got a lot longer. Technically, off-field activities, especially after a player's career is over, aren't supposed to affect his Hall of Fame status. But some voters went on the record when Lawrence Taylor was up for enshrinement as saying they wouldn't vote for him because of his previous illegal drug use. Presumably the same voters will vote against Irvin, who was narrowly defeated in Hall of Fame voting last year.

I would guess that Irvin has some kind of morals clause in his ESPN contract, and this could cost him that job, too.

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27 Nov 2005, 05:59am by Michael David Smith

FO in the NYT: Leftover Thanksgiving Myths

Until I started researching this, I had always just assumed that the Lions and Cowboys get some kind of edge by playing on Thanksgiving. Turns out that both teams have worse records on Thanksgiving than they do in home games as a whole, and there doesn't seem to be any advantage to having three extra days of rest before the next game. Free registration required.

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27 Nov 2005, 02:39am by Aaron Schatz

Hang Time

The NFL's record for consecutive games played is going to be broken today and you probably had no idea. I had no idea until I read this. Giants punter Jeff Feagles will play his 283rd consecutive game against Seattle, passing Vikings defensive end Jim Marshall for the all-time record. Yes, he's a punter, so people will think of his record with an asterisk, but those guys do occasionally get hurt. Just ask Dirk Johnson.

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27 Nov 2005, 02:34am by Aaron Schatz

The Hasselbecks: Those Other Brothers in Arms

One of about two billion "the Hasselbecks are playing each other" articles written this weekend, but this one contains the best tidbit: Apparently, Nathanael Hasselbeck's co-workers call him "Cooper." (Free registration required)

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25 Nov 2005, 06:40pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL to Move All 32 Teams to Los Angeles

"Los Angeles is a perfect football city," said Gene Washington, the NFL's director of football operations. "I'm sure the die-hard followers of the Glendale Steelers and the Orange County Packers won't abandon their teams over a little thing like geography."

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25 Nov 2005, 02:30pm by Aaron Schatz

Pro Football Snob's Dictionary, Vol. 2

This is probably the first time we've ever linked to anything in Vanity Fair, but the definitions given here are not just accurate but amusing. Explains everything from the passing tree to the tuck rule to Len Pasquarelli. But where's the definition for Football Outsiders? I guess we'll show up in Volume 3. Thanks to reader Deep Blue for the link.

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25 Nov 2005, 08:10am by Michael David Smith

Thanksgiving Debacle Could be Mariucci's Last

Nothing is official, but just about every media outlet in Detroit is reporting that Lions coach Steve Mariucci could be fired as soon as today. It's hard to imagine how the coach responsible for yesterday's humiliation could keep his job, but, then again, it's hard to imagine how a 16-48 record could get Matt Millen a five-year contract extension. Mariucci is a nice guy, but he's done nothing to deserve another year in Detroit.

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