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12 Sep 2005, 11:56am by Ned Macey

Javon Walker Injures Knee

Does Brett Favre have any thoughts on Walker's contract situation now?

UPDATE: As is mentioned in the comments and is now in the linked article, Walker is done for the year. Now Favre can back up his pre-season statements that they did not need Javon to win.

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12 Sep 2005, 11:19am by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Saints Belong in New Orleans

In Peter King's Week 1 MMQB, he pleads with Saints owner Tom Benson to keep the team in New Orleans, gives Willie Parker some props, uses the phrase "defense of the week" to describe ... gasp! ... the Chiefs, and names Chad Pennington the Goat of the Week. King also pimps the Drew Bledsoe-Burger King commercial, gives due respect to Rodney Harrison, and recognizes Ohio University -- his alma mater -- as they beat the Miami Dolphins of the Big East, the Pitt Panthers.

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12 Sep 2005, 10:03am by P. Ryan Wilson

Ravens' Late Timeouts Irritate Colts

Did anyone else think it was kinda weird that the Ravens called consecutive timeouts with 1:35 on the clock in the fourth quarter of a 24-0 game? I know it's one thing to avoid a shutout in a Week 1 home opener, but keeping people healthy seems important too. In other Ravens-related news, QB Kyle Boller suffered a 3rd quarter injury, but his backup, Anthony Wright, didn't fare much better.

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11 Sep 2005, 02:09pm by Michael David Smith

49ers' Fortunes Can be Reversed

Our friend Dan Brown of the San Jose Mercury News has a good look at what it would take for the 49ers to turn things around, and whether the path they're setting out on is similar to what other teams that have made successful turnarounds have done.

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09 Sep 2005, 09:10am by P. Ryan Wilson

The Pats will be Deposed Somehow

To paraphrase Richard Hayden:

"Skip Bayless columns are like fish in a barrel, my friend. Bayless is the fish, FO readers are the barrel. Fish in a barrel."

OK, not the perfect analogy, but you get the point. In his latest installment, Bayless makes maybe the least convincing argument ever for why the Patriots won't make it back to the Super Bowl.

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08 Sep 2005, 03:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Medi-hawk-rity: Hawks Have Proven Great at Being Average

In the last 20 years, how many times have the Seattle Seahawks had a record that did not fall between 10-6 and 6-10? Believe it or not, the answer is once: 1992, when they went 2-14. Greg Bishop of the Seattle Times asked us to do a little research for this article on the NFL's most terminally wheel-spinning franchise, and we discovered that Seattle on average finishes just 1.3 wins away from 8-8 every year, the lowest figure in the NFL.

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07 Sep 2005, 10:09pm by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL's Most Disappointing Teams

This list seems pretty exhaustive, but Eric of Off Wing Opinion also includes some thoughts about his favorite team, the New York Jets, even though they didn't make SI's final cut.

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07 Sep 2005, 12:27pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Vick Must Think Pass First

Skip Bayless offers Michael Vick some advice on how to get to the Hall of Fame, which is kind of like me offering Brad Pitt some advice on how to land Angelina Jolie.

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06 Sep 2005, 04:35pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: America's Only All-Haiku NFL Season Predictions!

This week's TMQ brings us America's only all-haiku NFL season predictions, some love for Pro Football Prospectus 2005 and an answer to perhaps the most important question of the preseason: which came off best in the Carl's Jr. commercial showing a soapy Paris Hilton washing a Bentley -- babe, burger or automobile?

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06 Sep 2005, 11:00am by Aaron Schatz

Fantasy Player Protection

This is just kooky: Insurance for your fantasy football team. How much do you have to be spending on fantasy football to actually buy something like this? (Thanks to Lucas Ruprecht at Pro Trade for the link.)

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