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23 Nov 2005, 01:27pm by Aaron Schatz

Arbitrator DOES NOT Reduce T.O.'s Suspension

Hey, remember earlier today when this Extra Point said that T.O.'s suspension was going to be shortened according to a reporter from New York Newsday? Never mind. "Sources have told FOXSports.com that the Eagles have won on all counts of Terrell Owens' grievance hearing against the team. In a 38-page decision, arbitrator Richard Bloch upheld Owens' four-game suspension. In addition, Bloch also ruled that the Eagles do not have to play the All-Pro receiver after the suspension." (Updated: 1:45 pm)

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23 Nov 2005, 09:47am by P. Ryan Wilson

Simms Fires Back at Young

To paraphrase Kanye West: "Steve Young hates free market economies."

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23 Nov 2005, 12:55am by Aaron Schatz

Playing with the Percentages When Trailing by Two Touchdowns

"It is relatively common for football teams to find themselves down by two touchdowns late in the game. If they score a first touchdown then coaching folklore says that the team should go for the extra point at that time. In this paper I will show that this strategy, which appears to be universally used in both the NFL and the NCAA, is incorrect, and that going for the two-point conversion after the first touchdown is nearly always significantly better."

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22 Nov 2005, 04:56pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Grossman Moves One Step Closer to Returning

OK, so is Rex Grossman the next Wally Pipp, or should he get his job back once he's ready to go in a few weeks (or maybe even a Brownsian Dilfer-Frye approach to quarterbacking might be in order if you're Lovie Smith)?

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22 Nov 2005, 03:03pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: If a Federal Bureaucracy Ran Sports

Often a play where TMQ complains that the offensive lineman are standing around doing nothing is really just a blown line call. That being said, if Carolina had five guys standing around doing nothing, that's one hell of a blown line call, isn't it? Plus, TMQ one-ups my Mike Vrabel comment by noting that Vrabel is pictured catching a touchdown pass on the cover of the 2005 NFL Record and Fact Book.

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22 Nov 2005, 01:10pm by P. Ryan Wilson

A Full Life of Football

David Halberstam has an interesting piece in today's Washington Post on the life of Steve Belichick, who died of a heart attack Saturday night at the age of 86. (free registration required)

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21 Nov 2005, 02:50pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Johnson is the Anti-T.O.

Peter King loves Chad Johnson and says he's great for the NFL. Turns out that Chad coordinated the marriage proposal with the head of the cheerleaders before the game. That's the kind of insight you don't get anywhere else.

On the Fine Fifteen, doesn't Peter have New England way too high? Would anyone pick the Patriots to beat the Seahawks right now?

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21 Nov 2005, 02:46pm by Michael David Smith

McNabb Out for Season

Donovan McNabb will have season-ending surgery. As his season ends, so, effectively, does the Eagles'. Can anyone remember a team that has had a more disappointing season? I don't remember anyone picking any team other than Philadelphia to win the NFC East, and now, I think it's safe to say, they're completely out of the running.

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21 Nov 2005, 09:47am by P. Ryan Wilson

Rowdy Fans Spoiling the Fun

This Washington Post article on Redskins fans' increasingly boorish behavior at home games could just as easily have been written about any other team in the league. Well, except for Arizona. There's a pretty good chance you can get a whole section to yourself at a Cardinals game without fear of getting beer dumped on you or having to avoid a few wayward punches from belligerent fans.

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21 Nov 2005, 09:36am by P. Ryan Wilson

Two Coaches Take Risks, and Earn Rewards

Using the recent last-play victories by the Chiefs and Bucs as a backdrop, David Leonhardt makes the case that "N.F.L. teams have better luck in short-yardage situations when they run the ball." Still, Leonhardt concludes that, "Gruden and Vermeil aside, there is not much evidence that coaches are figuring this out. They have called a pass when they need only a yard roughly as often this season as in past years," even though "70 percent of running plays in those situations have picked up the first down, [while] only 56 percent of passes have." Thanks to Rich C. for the pointer.

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