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17 Aug 2005, 03:00pm by P. Ryan Wilson

The Best There Ever Was?

Tom Brady dons the cover of this month's GQ, and the article provides an interesting glimpse into his life. It's not your typical look at an NFL superstar, but it does offer some unique perspectives you definitely wouldn't get from your local paper. For example, apparently Tom Brady and I have at least one thing in common: we both like internet porn. OK, I've said too much.

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17 Aug 2005, 10:19am by P. Ryan Wilson

Injury Could Mean Quick Exit for Mitchell

Hey, if Freddie Mitchell gets cut by the Chiefs, maybe the Eagles can sign him! Just kidding. I think. In all seriousness, Dick Vermeil made it clear that the reason Mitchell might not make the roster is because he declined to have arthroscopic surgery on his knee late last month. The surgery would've kept FredEx out for a few weeks, but as it stands, he still can't cut and only recently began running at full speed. For a guy with a history of underperforming, this seems like a curious decision.

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16 Aug 2005, 02:17pm by Michael David Smith

TMQ: Only Jackson Browne Should Hold Out

Gregg Easterbrook makes the case this week that rookie holdouts might be penny wise but pound foolish. The thinking is that if a player like Phillip Rivers had reported to camp on time last year, he might have been given the Chargers' starting job immediately and ended up making more money in the long run as a starter than he will now that he's going into his second season as a backup.

TMQ also notes that Buffalo Bills cheerleaders are not permitted to have pierced tongues. That's an important piece of information you won't get elsewhere.

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15 Aug 2005, 11:08pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Ward Ends Holdout, Reports to Steelers

Meet the anti-T.O. Seriously, I wonder if the T.O. soap opera hastened Hines Ward's return to camp even though he still doesn't have a new deal (although the Steelers hope to have one done by the end of the week).

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15 Aug 2005, 04:13pm by Michael David Smith

Ricky Williams' Net Worth: $230,000

I'm always amazed at how quickly pro athletes can blow through the millions of dollars they earn. Ricky Williams has made $16 million in his pro football career, and his current net worth is $230,000. Even if he's spent $8 million on taxes, agents, and other such fees, how the hell does a guy blow through another $8 million like that?

He spends $100,000 a year on child support for two of his children (the third lives with him) so if he hadn't started playing again he would have been bankrupt very soon even if he hadn't been required to re-pay the Dolphins his signing bonus.

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15 Aug 2005, 12:57pm by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: Grow Up, T.O.

I don't want Extra Points to become All T.O., All The Time, but I think that Peter King is right on the money in this commentary on the Owens situation. I can't say for sure because I don't play for the Eagles, but it seems like this has gone past Owens vs. ownership and become Owens vs. teammates. All summer long I've been telling people that only the Eagles can beat the Eagles this year, and apparently T.O. has decided to take me up on my challenge. It's frustrating because I would rather be talking about the game on the field.

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14 Aug 2005, 03:22pm by Aaron Schatz

I'm the Guy ... The Stats Guy

A lot of people have asked what to expect at a Pro Football Prospectus bookstore event, and this article by Stan Jaksina of Patsfans.com gives you a pretty good idea. I talk a little about how FO got started, I take questions about any player or team that you want to talk about, and I'm a little bit of a goofball. Unfortunately, those who attend PFP events outside of Boston will not get to see Mirinae come up to the podium going "Dada... dada... dada..." but other than that it should be similar.

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13 Aug 2005, 02:00pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Limbaugh Offers To Settle Owens Situation

Here's my nominee for the worst idea ever. (I hesitate to even link to this story, but it's just too weird not to). Rush Limbaugh's last foray into sports broadcasting resulted in his prompt firing from ESPN after making some questionable comments about Donovan McNabb. Now he wants to use his radio show to get T.O. and McNabb to settle their differences. Here's my question: why stop with Limbaugh? Why not just book them on Springer and Jeff Garcia can be the surprise guest who whips off his wig and sunglasses as he storms the stage to go after T.O?

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13 Aug 2005, 12:01am by P. Ryan Wilson

Grossman Out 3-4 Months with Broken Ankle

Bears QB Rex Grossman suffered his second serious injury in as many seasons during Friday night's preseason game against the Rams. Chicago finished 32nd in seven different offensive categories in 2004 and losing Grossman certainly won't help things. The good news: Jonathan Quinn is no longer with the team; the bad news: Chad Hutchinson is. Maybe the Bears can work a trade for Craig Krenzel.

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12 Aug 2005, 04:52pm by Michael David Smith

Remembering Stringer, Vikings Test Heat Pill

What will they think of next? The Vikings and a few other teams are using a swallowed capsule that measures core body temperature as it passes through the digestive system. That way, the trainers can monitor each player and pull a player out of drills if he becomes overheated.

The Core Temp Ingestible Core Body Temperature Sensor was developed in the late 1980s by HQ Inc., of Palmetto, Fla., as a research tool used for a number of projects, including monitoring how certain pharmaceutical drugs affect the body's core temperature.

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