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27 Jan 2006, 12:20pm by P. Ryan Wilson

A Look Back at a Season of Truths

If nothing else, you have to give Jason Whitlock credit for revisiting a season's worth of "truths," especially when they include gems like, "the Raiders are the lone winless NFL squad with a chance to qualify for the playoffs," and "the 0-4 Green Bay Packers will win the NFC North." To be fair, Whitlock's midseason predictions (Nov. 3) were all pretty accurate, and when you consider that this is the same guy who still thinks Jeff George is the best QB in the NFL, it's worth noting.

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27 Jan 2006, 11:01am by Aaron Schatz

The Top Ten Reasons Larry Johnson Scares the Hell Out of Me

Larry Johnson, obvious number one overall pick in 2006 fantasy drafts ... or is he?

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26 Jan 2006, 05:46pm by Aaron Schatz

Draft Clock Now Ticking for Kubiak

When I jokingly decided to name my fantasy football projection system after Denver offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, I figured I had safely chosen a fairly obscure name. Nobody knew who this guy was except for Denver fans and the hardcore fans who can name all 64 coordinators. Little did I know that less than a year later, Gary Kubiak would be head coach of the Houston Texans. If the Kansas City Royals tomorrow named Bill Pecota as their manager, wouldn't this be strange for the Baseball Prospectus guys? Exactly.

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26 Jan 2006, 02:40pm by Aaron Schatz

Dr. Z's Commentator Awards

Always a favorite. Dr. Z gives four stars this year to five crews: Ron Pitts and Tim Ryan, Kenny Albert and Brian Baldinger, Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcots, Kevin Harlan and Randy Cross (sort of Dr. Z's "most improved" award) and Al Michaels and John Madden -- important games only. Dr.

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26 Jan 2006, 12:51pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Hawks Will Win, Shrink Calculates

John F. Murray, a sports psychologist in Florida has developed a system that has successfully projected the winner or the team that covered the point spread in the past three Super Bowls, and he's picking the Seahawks to win by 5 to 10 points this year. See if this sounds familiar:

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26 Jan 2006, 12:03pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Latest NFL Buzz from the Senior Bowl

Scouts are already voicing some concerns about QB Jay Cutler: "While he physically has the makings of an NFL passer, his mental make-up is a little different. Several people we spoke with say Cutler can be surly at times. Teams aren't willing to invest a fortune in that type of person as the future leader of their franchise." Oooof. First chink in the armor, Teddy.

There is also some discussion about Drew Brees' shoulder, Denver's decision on Jeb Putzier, and why the Colts might re-sign oft-injured LB Rocky Calmus.

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25 Jan 2006, 05:20pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Bald-Headed Hasselbeck Enjoying Super Ride

OK, this gets my nomination for headline of the Super Bowl. Not really much to the article, but any time you can describe one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL as "Bald-Headed Hasselbeck," it's worth noting. Tomorrow's edition promises this headline: "Fat-Bodied Bettis Actually From Detroit."

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25 Jan 2006, 03:31pm by Michael David Smith

Culpepper, Agent Part Ways

Recent reports have suggested that Daunte Culpepper was seeking a pay raise. Let's count all the reasons that this is stupid:
1. He's coming off a serious injury that will likely hamper his playing ability for at least the start of the 2006 season.
2. He already got a huge contract extension in May of 2003.
3. He played a key role in an event that brought shame on the franchise.
4. He played badly in 2005.
5. His backup, Brad Johnson, played well in 2005.

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25 Jan 2006, 01:51pm by Aaron Schatz

The XII Greatest Super Bowl Highlight Films

From The Onion A.V. Club, but not a joke! NFL Network is replaying all of these on Sunday, and I look forward to matriculating the ball down the field.

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25 Jan 2006, 12:32pm by Michael David Smith

Tracking Senior Bowl Prospects

I think the mark of a true football nerd is that you've been paying close attention to the Senior Bowl practice updates on NFL Network. I know I have. Here's a good rundown of which teams have shown an interest in which players. Is anyone surprised that the Broncos are looking at a running back?

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