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10 Aug 2005, 12:50am by P. Ryan Wilson

The Redskins Scalping Crackdown

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse as a Redskins fan, Off Wing Opinion points us to this story from the Washington Times:

"The Washington Redskins are revoking season tickets belonging to fans caught selling them for profit on the Internet auction site EBay. Redskins Vice President Karl Swanson yesterday confirmed the club's policy of canceling the season tickets of fans who sell any tickets for more than face value, a common practice for getting rid of unwanted seats."

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09 Aug 2005, 03:57pm by Michael David Smith

TMQ: Gibbs Having Regrets?

Our friend Gregg Easterbrook is back for another season of Tuesday Morning Quarterback. He addresses the way life has changed for old-school coaches, who no doubt must miss the days when few dared question their authority. When Joe Gibbs has to deal with players like Sean Taylor, does it make him regret ever coming back?

Elsewhere we get cheesecake photos of Karen Benge and Jessica Simpson, a look at the Tuesday Morning Quarterback Non-QB Non-RB NFL MVP jinx, and the series finale of the weekly Star Trek complaint. It's good to have you back, Gregg.

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08 Aug 2005, 11:12am by P. Ryan Wilson

Law Nearly on Books

It looks like Ty Law will stay in the AFC East, but now he's a New York Jet. The deal has been worked out between the two sides and now Law just needs to pass a physical. The New York Daily News reports that the Jets will give him a four-year deal that includes at least $7 million in guarantees. Given that an injured Law was seen riding around on a scooter as recently as the Super Bowl, $7 million sounds like a lot. Especially when you consider that the Jets may have to restructure some contracts or cut a player to fit Law in under the salary cap.

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06 Aug 2005, 09:37pm by Aaron Schatz

FO in the NYTimes: Third Down is the Charm for NFL Turnarounds

The New York Times gives me space to expound upon FO's new favorite theory, third down as a future indicator. If you've been asking yourself, "What would the San Diego chapter of Pro Football Prospectus 2005 look like if it were only 800 words long," well, here's your answer! (Free registration required)

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05 Aug 2005, 05:04pm by Aaron Schatz

Pinkston Out for Year?

Let the injuries commence. Not a good day in the NFC East, where Pro Football Talk is reporting that Pinkston is done for the year with a torn Achilles tendon. The linked article from the Eagles' website just says he got hurt today along with -- surprise! -- Correll Buckhalter.

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05 Aug 2005, 12:30pm by Al Bogdan

NFL Officials Visit to Discuss Rule Changes

NFL officials are making the rounds at training camp explaining rule changes for the 2005 season to players and coaches. Some highlights of the new rules include a penalty for a team whose coach throws the replay flag on the field after the team has run out of challenges, 15 yards for "icing the kicker" with an excess penalty before a field goal, and more protection for kickers from unnecessary roughness.

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05 Aug 2005, 11:54am by Aaron Schatz

Wide-Open Approach a Blast from the Past

Gus Frerotte fantasy stampede! Here comes the high-powered new Miami Dolphins offense! Of course, by the time Chambers and Booker have made it to the end of their routes, Frerotte will also be face-down in the turf with a couple defensive linemen sitting on top of him. I can't tell, is this from the new Onion sports section? (Free registration required)

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05 Aug 2005, 10:16am by P. Ryan Wilson

Billick: Offer to Clayton is Firm

It seems to me that if the pick before you, and the pick after you have both signed contracts, then you'll probably end up with a deal somewhere in between. Apparently Ravens first-round pick Mark Clayton and his agent don't agree. Coach Brian Billick has made it clear that Baltimore's current offer is its best offer, no matter how long Clayton holds out. And Billick also gives a quick math lesson in case Clayton's agent is confused: "Take No. 21 and No. 23, add them up together and cut it in half...Anything beyond that, it's hard to understand."

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04 Aug 2005, 05:15pm by Michael David Smith

Most Insignificant Trade Ever?

It seems like when I was a kid, trades in sports were usually just one player for one other player. That's not the case anymore. So I link to this with a sense of nostalgia. And even more, I link to it because of the way Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell described the trade of cornerback Kris Richard to the Dolphins for defensive end Ronald Flemons:

"Obviously, it's not a world-beater trade."

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04 Aug 2005, 09:52am by P. Ryan Wilson

Chad Johnson Vows To Burn Steelers

As far as trash-talking goes, this is pretty funny. Chad Johnson is already giving the Steelers' secondary the business and it's barely August. And he also has a new nickname: 7-Eleven (because he's always open). Of course no NFL story would be complete without a mention of Drew Rosenhaus, who also happens to be Johnson's agent: "In 2003, Johnson received a $10 million bonus that was part of a $25 million extension.

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