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21 Feb 2006, 10:57am by P. Ryan Wilson

Culpepper Option?

It looks like the Miami Dolphins have entered the Daunte Culpepper sweepstakes and " ... one source said the price for Culpepper will be more than the second-round pick" reported last week. The Fins are also still looking at Steve McNair and Patrick Ramsey. Nick Saban likes Vandy QB Jay Cutler, but fears he may be off the board by the 16th pick. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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20 Feb 2006, 08:58am by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Houston's Three Choices

Peter King addresses the three options the Texans have with the first pick in the draft.

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20 Feb 2006, 12:30am by Michael David Smith

Ricky Williams Tests Positive

Ricky Williams has tested positive for drugs and will be suspended at least one year.

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18 Feb 2006, 04:46pm by Michael David Smith

McNown Sues Insurance Companies

Cade McNown, the 1999 first-round draft bust of the Chicago Bears, is suing two insurance companies, saying they won't pay him the $5 million he's owed because a disability ended his football career. What I find hilarious is that McNown was once convicted of illegally obtaining handicapped parking placards so that he could park in handicapped spaces. Gee, Cade, do you think maybe you've given these insurance companies a reason to believe you're not being honest about your disability?

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17 Feb 2006, 06:16pm by Michael David Smith

Aussie Punter Looks to NFL Europe

I love the emerging trend of Australians becoming NFL punters. The latest to give it a shot is Chad Parrish, who will join the Berlin Thunder. The NFL is a long way off from having the global reach of the NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball. But maybe Australian punters can help the league become more popular elsewhere.

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17 Feb 2006, 12:19pm by P. Ryan Wilson

'Just Cut Him'

According to this New York Post story, some members of the Jets' offense think Chad Pennington should get his walking papers. From the article: "I think we should release him; he's too injury-prone," one player said. "He's like an egg back there," another player said, referring to Pennington's fragility. "I mean, look at the ways he's gotten hurt. He hasn't even been hit that hard. The injuries have come from awkward hits and falls. I think we should just cut him."

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16 Feb 2006, 02:54pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Truth & Rumors

There are a lot of rumors in today's, uh, Truth & Rumors on CNNSI.com. Among them: Daunte Culpepper, who now represents himself, wants to be traded; the Ravens might franchise Jamal Lewis and send him to Minnesota for Culpepper; despite my best efforts below, Ty Law probably won't end up in New England, but instead has shown interest in joining Miami; and the Raiders might stick with Kerry Collins while the Chargers could let Drew Brees walk.

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16 Feb 2006, 01:25pm by Michael David Smith

Columnist's Pittsburgh Piece Slammed

I've always disliked the sports columns that try to trash a rival city. The Rocky Mountain News published one such column about Pittsburgh as part of its AFC Championship coverage, and now that columnist, Bill Johnson, is being criticized for it. Johnson acknowledges that something he claimed to see on his way to his hotel was actually something he saw on TV, and there are other problems with the column as well.

Hat tip: Romenesko

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16 Feb 2006, 12:00pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Law to Leave Jets After One Season

Meet the starting cornerback for the 2006 New England Patriots!

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16 Feb 2006, 09:59am by Michael David Smith

Deion Sanders Retires -- Maybe

Deion Sanders has said he is retiring, although he hasn't officially informed the Ravens or the league. If he is done, the 2011 Hall of Fame class could be a very good one, with Jerome Bettis already retired and Brett Favre, Junior Seau, and Marshall Faulk all considering it. (I assume Jerry Rice is eligible in 2010 since he retired before the 2005 season, although it's possible that participating in the Broncos' training camp would force him to wait a year for Hall eligibility.)

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