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29 Aug 2005, 10:58am by Aaron Schatz

Pared Down to Pair

The Miami Dolphins are now considering playing both A.J. Feeley and Gus Frerotte in a quarterback rotation. What on earth is the point of this? Are teams really going to be freaked out trying to prepare for both Feeley and Frerotte? When is the last time a team even tried a quarterback rotation like this? And when's the last time it worked? Norm Van Brocklin and Bob Waterfield? (Free registration required.)

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28 Aug 2005, 05:46pm by Russell Levine

Orton Named Bears Starting QB

In a move that should surprise noone, the Bears have named rookie Kyle Orton their starting QB for the regular season. Chad Hutchinson, who was starting in place of the injured Rex Grossman, has fallen complete off the depth chart, behind Orton, Jeff Blake, and Kurt Kittner, making him a likely candidate for a visit by the "turk" this week.

(Aaron adds 10:30pm: As long as we're talking Chicago Bears, Cedric Benson finally ended his holdout tonight.)

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27 Aug 2005, 11:20am by Aaron Schatz

Ten Undecided Positional Battles

See if you can notice something really weird about this SI.com article by Don Banks. I'll give you a hint: The problem with 1-9 doesn't quite apply to number 10.

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26 Aug 2005, 12:32pm by P. Ryan Wilson

The Ravens Go Digital

Wired takes a look at how the Ravens are on the cutting edge of using technology to scout their opponents. Which leads me to this: if every person who reads this site donates $50,000, the Football Outsiders can each have their very own high-tech coaching station. And that means more geeky stats for you, the readers. Everybody wins. (link via Off Wing Opinion)

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25 Aug 2005, 10:27am by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: NFC Preview

Apparently, nobody from FO linked this while I was driving around Dallas on Tuesday. I swear, is there anything in Dallas that is less than an hour away from anything else? Anyway, I haven't had a chance to read this yet but I'm sure it's swell. Apparently, TMQ's opinion of Mr. Ron Mexico is similar to ours.

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23 Aug 2005, 08:59pm by P. Ryan Wilson

CFL Ratings Improve Without Announcers

The Toronto Argonauts played the Edmonton Eskimos last weekend, but with 5,000 CBC employees on strike, management had to air the game sans camera technicians, directors and announcers ... and the ratings went up. So let me get this straight, fans actually enjoy watching football games without a lot of inane banter, exploding graphics, and mind-numbing sideline reports, even if that means all they can hear is the crowd noise and the PA announcer? Hmmm.

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23 Aug 2005, 06:08pm by Al Bogdan

Rattay Picked as 49ers' Starter Over Top Pick Smith

Mike Tanier talks, people listen. Tim Rattay is the starting QB in San Francisco, beating out #1 pick Alex Smith for the honor of being a first round Loser League selection. Adjust your cheat sheets accordingly if you're in a fantasy league deep enough where the 49er starting quarterback is on your cheat sheet.

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23 Aug 2005, 10:50am by Michael David Smith

FO at TNR: Sports Illustrated Turns Tabloid

My latest piece in The New Republic Online documents the way Sports Illustrated has changed in the last two decades. I know we often have fun at the expense of Peter King around here, but I think the stuff he does in the magazine is first-rate. Unfortunately, many of his SI colleagues aren't such solid journalists. Note especially the SI reporter who donated to George W. Bush's re-election campaign -- then gave him a softball interview. (Free New Republic Online registration required.)

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23 Aug 2005, 09:40am by P. Ryan Wilson

'Madden 06' Gives Big Ben No Respect

Where's Rodney Harrison when you need him? Maybe Roethlisberger can get some advice on how to turn something pretty benign into motivation for proving all his critics wrong (or at least those critics who play 'Madden').

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22 Aug 2005, 08:11pm by Michael David Smith

Lawrence Phillips Arrested Again

Big surprise, Lawrence Phillips is in trouble with the law. I remember an interview one time with Tom Osborne, then the Nebraska coach, now a congressman. The interviewer asked Osborne why he didn't discipline Phillips more harshly, and Osborne's response was, "What would that have done for Lawrence Phillips?" The interviewer didn't respond to that, but my response would have been, "Maybe it would have taught him there are consequences to his actions." It's a lesson Phillips still hasn't learned.

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