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03 Nov 2015, 07:52pm by Vincent Verhei

Colts Fire Pep Hamilton

Chuck Pagano entered the season on the hot seat, and then the Colts to a 3-5 start. The offense is 20th in points scored and next to last in turnovers, and when the DVOA ratings come out later today, the Colts will be 21st in total offense, 22nd passing and 18th rushing. This despite the offseason attempts to surround Andrew Luck with as many weapons as possible.

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03 Nov 2015, 11:18am by Aaron Schatz

Titans Fire Ken Whisenhunt

The Titans hired Ken Whisenhunt to take over a team that went 7-9 in 2013. He's gone 3-20 since. But when you fire a guy after less than two years... I've got to wonder if there's more of a story going on behind the scenes here than just "Tennessee isn't winning games." Mike Mularkey takes over as interim coach.

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02 Nov 2015, 06:27pm by Aaron Schatz

Broncos Trade for Vernon Davis

Yay, actual trade deadline deals. We don't get many of those in the NFL. The 49ers are sending Vernon Davis and a 2016 seventh-round pick to Denver for sixth-round picks in 2015 and 2016. Not much value there for San Francisco, especially because I wonder if Denver might get a compensatory sixth- or seventh-round pick if Davis signs elsewhere after this season.

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02 Nov 2015, 04:49pm by Andrew Potter

Week 8 Injury Aftermath

A long, sad, scary list of injuries this week. (Click for more.)

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02 Nov 2015, 02:32pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: Unbeaten and Undressed

Peter King says the Broncos "exposed" the Packers in a battle of unbeatens. Plus, Drew Brees' big day and a look at all the injuries across the NFL.

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02 Nov 2015, 08:24am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Hangover: Sad, Scary, Season-Changing Week 8 Injuries

After the injury roundup, things get funny again.

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31 Oct 2015, 10:05am by Mike Tanier

NFL Week 8: Mike Tanier's Previews and Score Predictions

Your last, best hope for quirky-smart football infotainment substance.

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30 Oct 2015, 08:35pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN Shutting Down Grantland

This is pretty much bad news for anyone who is trying to make a living as a sportswriter, so as you can imagine we're all a little bummed around here. We're particularly upset for our friend and former colleague Bill Barnwell. Just a crummy day, all in all.

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30 Oct 2015, 03:41pm by Vincent Verhei

FI: Week 8 FanDuel Matchups

As part of our game charting deal with Sports Info Solutions, we'll be providing a weekly column at Fantasy Insiders offering advice for FanDuel players.

This piece is free this week, so if you haven't read our work at FI before, this is a good time to check it out.

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30 Oct 2015, 02:56pm by Tom Gower

NBC: Broncos-Packers Overload

In case you haven't noticed, the undefeated Packers are playing the undefeated Broncos on Sunday Night Football this week, and a couple 6-0 teams meeting up is kind of a big deal. So, I wrote a couple pieces about it.

Column #1, linked above, is about the Packers ranking third in most penalties through Week 6 after they were flagged for the third-fewest penalties last year, and just how big a deal that is likely to be.

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