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05 Dec 2006, 02:37pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: Coaches, Please Stop and Think!

From Page 2: "What's worse than punting when trailing late? TMQ says it's punting with the game still in reach, then going for it when all hope is lost."

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05 Dec 2006, 12:06pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Kicker Turns up Lame; Shanahan Kicking Himself

From the AP: "Broncos coach Mike Shanahan is kicking himself for listening to his kicker. Jason Elam suggested a fake field goal at the end of the first half Sunday night against Seattle. The call backfired when Elam gained just 2 yards and strained his left hamstring on the play in a 23-20 loss."

At least Shanahan is able to keep a sense of humor about things, I guess: "'Jason is faster than you think,' Shanahan retorted. 'He was like a 4.7 coming out of college -- even though that was 38 years ago.'" Oooh, burn!

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05 Dec 2006, 10:50am by P. Ryan Wilson

Garcia Rallies Eagles Past Panthers

Alright, where did Jeff Garcia get the time machine? I mean, it looked like 2000 out there. Okay, not really, but Garcia did throw three touchdowns, avoided the big mistakes (thanks Jake!) and now the Eagles are 6-6. Sure, that doesn't sound impressive, but if the season ended today, Philly would be a wild-card team.

By the way, how great did Sylvester Stallone look? For some perspective, consider this: Stallone was born in 1946. Tony Kornheiser? 1948. You do the math.

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04 Dec 2006, 04:18pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Playoffs Coming Into Focus

D.J. Gallo offers some sound advice on how the Falcons can improve their defense just in time for a late playoff run.

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04 Dec 2006, 03:03pm by Mike Tanier

Overheard at FO

Thoughts of the Football Outsiders staff from this weekend's games. (Click link to read more.)

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04 Dec 2006, 12:42pm by Aaron Schatz

Use of McCown Heightens Folly

Rob Parker of the Detroit News on perhaps this season's strangest story: the switch of Josh McCown from quarterback to wide receiver. Parker has a good point. The Detroit Lions are 2-10, so even if McCown actually is a better receiver than Mike Williams right now, doesn't it make sense to at least stick Williams in there to find out if he has any future whatsoever? Instead, the Lions are actually talking about switching McCown to receiver permanently.

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04 Dec 2006, 12:25pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Who's In, Who's Out

Peter King writes that the AFC wild card is the race to watch.

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04 Dec 2006, 11:00am by P. Ryan Wilson

Chilling Start to Cutler Era

Huh. Maybe this whole Jay Cutler thing wasn't such a good idea. Is it too late to start the "Un-bench Jake Plummer!" talk?

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03 Dec 2006, 10:24pm by Aaron Schatz

No Rematch: Florida to Meet Ohio State for BCS Title

Consider this a place to discuss the BCS matchups, and the decision of Florida over Michigan, until Confessions goes up Monday evening. Other than Florida-Ohio State, here are your matchups: USC-Michigan in an old school Rose Bowl, Wake Forest-Louisville in the Orange Bowl, Notre Dame-LSU in the Sugar Bowl, and Oklahoma-Boise State in the Tostitos This Is Not The Championship Just The Plain Old Fiesta Bowl. Link to Pete Fiutak's analysis.

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02 Dec 2006, 11:32pm by Bill Barnwell

Giants Sign Sean Landeta

Sean-freaking-Landeta has been allowed a weekend pass from the retirement home to punt for the Giants this weekend in the case that Jeff Feagles is unavailable. Of course, Jeff Feagles is only four years younger than Landeta himself. Not only is Landeta one of my favorite NFL players of all time (even when he made the move to Philadelphia), but he's the NFL's last link to the original Tecmo Bowl.

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