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28 Apr 2006, 11:40am by P. Ryan Wilson

The NFL Draft Sneaks Up Again

Just in case you've been under a rock for the last few months, DJ Gallo has a draft cheat sheet to get you up to speed.

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27 Apr 2006, 07:55pm by Aaron Schatz

New Minnesota Uniforms

Suck or not suck? Following up on the angrier-looking Cardinal in Arizona, the Vikings now have an angrier-looking horn. It has a crease. Yep, that will sell more jerseys. The white stripe is a little weird, but in keeping with the new style I would like to suggest that the Vikings front seven now be nicknamed the "Seven Nation Army."

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27 Apr 2006, 07:45am by P. Ryan Wilson

Identifying Potential Gems and Flops in the Draft

Reader Trogdor sends along this link and teases the article much better than I could, so I'll just steal it:

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26 Apr 2006, 10:09pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Mel Kiper Rips the Jets for Their Pick in His Mock Draft

Okay, Mel Kiper's officially lost his mind.

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26 Apr 2006, 10:05pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Packers, Woodson Agree to Terms

Now it all makes sense. This is what precipitated Brett Favre's return ... the front office signing an overrated defensive back who'll make $10.5 million in 2006. Crimony.

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26 Apr 2006, 03:11pm by Michael David Smith

Gumbel, Collinsworth to NFL Network

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like both Bryant Gumbel and Cris Collinsworth, but I don't know if being in the booth during a live game is the strong suit for either one of them.

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26 Apr 2006, 01:43pm by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Draft Historically Based on Lies

Now let me get this straight, agents, GMs, scouts and just about everybody else involved in the draft aren't exactly truthful about their intentions? Get outta town! So maybe this isn't earth-shattering stuff, but it's still worth the read for this story alone: "In 1982, Eagles coach Dick Vermeil told good friend Chuck Knox, head coach of the Buffalo Bills, how much he liked Clemson wide receiver Perry Tuttle. Lo and behold on draft day, Buffalo traded a spot ahead of the Eagles and took Tuttle.

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26 Apr 2006, 01:30am by P. Ryan Wilson

Favre to Play '06 Season

One more year! One more year! One more year! Okay, you get the point.

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25 Apr 2006, 09:11pm by Aaron Schatz

Ricky Williams Suspended for 2006

Congratulations, Ronnie Brown! You're going to be on the cover of Pro Football Prospectus 2006! We hope you are as excited as Matt Hasselbeck was. Seriously, I have "Ricky Williams suspended" as Auto-Text now. In later news, Onterrio Smith has applied for reinstatement and been denied.

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25 Apr 2006, 12:17pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ's Mocking the Mock Draft 2006

The return! I always enjoy the seventh-round draft projections. Before anyone gets huffy about Gregg not mentioning us in here, remember, we're the competition now.

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