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07 Oct 2005, 02:24pm by Al Bogdan

Patriots Could Face Atlanta Without Seymour

Since I'm not the coach of the Patriots, I'm not allowed to talk about their team. So I'll just link to this news that New England's defense could be lighter by yet another starter on Sunday without further comment.

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07 Oct 2005, 10:52am by Aaron Schatz

Punter Isn't Raising Bar on Protection

Scott Player: last devotee of the one-bar helmet.

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07 Oct 2005, 09:19am by P. Ryan Wilson

Week 4: Ask Jerry Markbreit

Reader J. Foglas sends along this link to "Ask Jerry Markbreit." Growing up, Markbreit was my favorite referee (still not sure why -- maybe it was because he seemingly officiated every game), and now he has a weekly Q & A. And as CaffeineMan requested in another thread, this is my attempt to link to something with a little more substance, but not quite so sensational. (Although, who doesn't love this story? Seriously.

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06 Oct 2005, 09:31am by P. Ryan Wilson

Brady Takes on Coach a la Harrison

Uh oh. The Kool-Aid Brigade (which is part of the "Are You Disrespecting Me?" Branch) is in full effect. New KAB spokesman, Tom Brady, had a few choice words in response to Schottenheimer's comments following Sunday's game. At the time, Schottenheimer said, "that every team comes to a tipping point when it comes to injuries." Brady responded with, "You don't talk about our team. He has no business talking about our team."

Um, OK.

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05 Oct 2005, 11:46pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Spotty Play Could Lead to QB's Benching

"J.P. is the starter, and we're going with J.P." That was Mike Mularkey after Sunday's loss to the Saints. "I'm not going to talk about starters at any position for either team today." That was Mike Mularkey today at his press conference (via the NFL Network).

Personally, I think the media have every right to press Mularkey on this issue because to say you're not going to talk about something usually means you're hiding something. And while the coach is well within his rights to withhold such information, the media have just as much right to ask tough questions.

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05 Oct 2005, 06:46pm by Michael David Smith

Mike Martz has Serious Heart Infection

A disturbing story out of St. Louis. Mike Martz was hospitalized before last week's game with what doctors called a sinus infection. He now says he has a heart infection that is keeping him from being with the team at practices.

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05 Oct 2005, 05:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Alive and Kicking

Whatever became of Martin Gramatica? After surgery to repair tears in his lower adductor muscle and lower abdomen, he says his struggles are behind him, and he's ready to return to the NFL.

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05 Oct 2005, 02:09pm by Ned Macey

Colts Enter Soft Spot of Schedule

This relatively normal look at the first quarter of the Colts' season ends with the following: "The Colts find themselves in the comparatively soft part of their schedule. Their next five opponents consist of the 49ers, St. Louis (2-2), Houston twice (0-3) and New England (2-2). The next team on the schedule with a winning record is Cincinnati (4-0)." I think people may be slightly overreacting to the Patriots' struggles.

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05 Oct 2005, 10:06am by P. Ryan Wilson

Vikings Hire Consultants: Foge Fazio, Jerry Rhome

When you're hiring consultants four weeks into the season, I don't think it's a vote of confidence for the incumbent coordinators who, along with Mike Tice, have the Vikings off to a rollicking 1-3 start.

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05 Oct 2005, 12:51am by Aaron Schatz

The Price of Penalties

Over at PROTRADE, a look at exactly how many points each penalty cost the Kansas City Chiefs in their loss to Denver two weeks ago. The numbers certainly highlight how penalties can hurt a team. The one problem with this, shown in an article by Michael David Smith from two seasons ago, is that over the long haul of a 16-game season there is no correlation between wins and net penalty yards.

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