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02 Apr 2006, 08:14pm by Michael David Smith

USC Pro Day: White Sits Out

I can't imagine why LenDale White wouldn't run or jump at USC's pro day. I also think, although bench-press strength doesn't necessarily have much relevance to a running back, that a guy who weighs 244 pounds and can only manage 15 reps probably doesn't take his conditioning very seriously. I have to assume White's stock dropped today.

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02 Apr 2006, 04:24pm by Aaron Schatz

Footie Prospectus

"In the U.S., The Baseball Prospectus and The Pro Football Prospectus have been the 'Bible' for Fantasy Team Tipsters ... now for the first time, in season 2006, the Australian Football League has its own Prospectus."

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01 Apr 2006, 02:09am by P. Ryan Wilson

Help FO, Be Part of PFP 2006

Become the voice of serious football analysis!

We were hoping to announce this week that Pro Football Prospectus 2006 would be available in Books on Tape format. Unfortunately, contract talks have broken down with Mira Furlan, our first and only choice to record the audio tracks. Recording is scheduled to begin in late May; if we cannot find a replacement, our hundreds of sightless readers will lose an opportunity to enjoy their favorite football annual.

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01 Apr 2006, 02:05am by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Signs Exclusive-Services Deal for Clipboards

It seems that the Saunders Corporation, the nation's leading supplier of clipboards and other business supplies, has signed a deal to become the NFL's exclusive supplier of sideline clipboards. What's more, they have designed a custom clipboard for backup quarterbacks. I guess anything is possible in the world of super-specialization and brand identification -- maybe Saunders is the next "Cold Zone."

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01 Apr 2006, 02:04am by P. Ryan Wilson

Scouts Divided About Hass

It seems that scouts cannot make up their minds about Oregon State WR Mike Hass. This article sums up the situation well.

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31 Mar 2006, 02:05pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Another Great Staring-Into-The-Camera Rap

It looks like Lil' Ronnie is off the hook. Mike Tanier could not be reached for comment.

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31 Mar 2006, 01:04pm by Russell Levine

Teaming Up Against Autism

This has absolutely nothing to do with football, but it's an important story. And the author's name rings a bell.

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31 Mar 2006, 11:38am by P. Ryan Wilson

Tight Ends Can Be Found on Rebound

By now, everybody knows that Antonio Gates was a really good college basketball player who never played football before signing with the Chargers as an undrafted free agent. Rick Gosselin takes a look at how tight end has evolved into a basketball position, and he points to several former basketball players likely to be taken early in next month's NFL draft as proof. And if you happen to catch any of the George Mason-Florida game tomorrow, keep an eye out for Jai Lewis (#55 on George Mason). Lewis is 6'7", 275 lbs.

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30 Mar 2006, 05:57pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Dash of Doubt

I found this article on a Steelers message board and even though it was written almost twelve months ago, because we're right in the middle of all the draft talk, it's still timely. The bottom line: all 40 times are not created equally. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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29 Mar 2006, 11:41pm by Michael David Smith

NFL Changes Rules on Celebrations, Replay

The NFL has changed its rules to limit end zone celebrations, allow down-by-contact calls to be reviewed on replay, prohibit pass rushers from hitting quarterbacks on the knee or below, more strictly enforce horse-collar tackles, and prohibit defensive players from lining up directly over a long snapper.

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