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02 Aug 2005, 01:57pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Haynesworth Has No Sympathy For Jones

2002 first-round pick Albert Haynesworth has some good advice for 2005 first-round pick Pacman Jones: avoid holdouts and get to camp on time. Of course Jones isn't around to benefit from Haynesworth's counsel because he's, well, holding out. Other than the developing Jones saga however, it seems like teams have had much more success signing their top picks than in years past.

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02 Aug 2005, 01:18pm by Al Bogdan

Patriots Agree to New Deal for Holdout DL Seymour

Sorry holdout fans, Richard Seymour will be reporting to Patriot camp on Wednesday. At least you still have Brian Westbrook and Hines Ward staying away from camp looking for new deals.

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01 Aug 2005, 11:50am by Michael David Smith

Urlacher May Have to Defend Endorsement Deals

If Brian Urlacher wanted to portray himself as a wholesome family man, he could have picked a better way than having Paris Hilton sit in his box during a Monday Night Football game. Since becoming a star with the Bears, Urlacher has dated Hilton, gotten a divorce, and had two children out of wedlock. An interesting Chicago Tribune article examines what that will do to his endorsement deals.

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31 Jul 2005, 10:29pm by P. Ryan Wilson

T.O.'s Agent Is More Talk Than Action

A reader sends along this link from the Philiadelphia Inquirer that rebuts many of Drew Rosenhaus's claims concerning T.O.'s contract. According to the players union, "...there is nothing in the collective-bargaining agreement that addresses the issue of guaranteed contracts. That is a matter for individual negotiation between teams and players."

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30 Jul 2005, 12:06am by P. Ryan Wilson

Clarett Takes High-Risk, High-Reward Road Again

Steve Feldman, Maurice Clarett's agent, gets my vote for the worst player representative on the planet. You see Mr. Feldman, the whole idea of being an agent is to make money for your clients (and yourself) by negotiating sensible contracts. As it stands, Clarett has turned down a $410,000 signing bonus and opted for an incentive-laden deal that offers bupkus in the way of guaranteed money. So, you know, if he doesn't make it out of training camp, he'll leave Denver with a couple of practice jerseys and some bus fare. Good thinking.

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29 Jul 2005, 12:18pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Losman Enters A Solid Situation

I agree with Phil Simms when he says that the Bills did the right thing by releasing Drew Bledsoe and naming second-year QB J.P. Losman the starter. After that, Simms is on his own. He goes on to say that he believes Losman will be better than Roethlisberger. And while this seems like a stretch, it's not totally implausible -- until you hear Simms' reasoning:

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29 Jul 2005, 12:18pm by Aaron Schatz

McAllister's Deal Money Well Spent

Um, no. I know McAllister is a nice fellow with a lot of athletic talent, but this is not an economically efficient use of resources. Eight years, $50 million -- which, in reality, is five years, $28 million, still the second-highest RB contract in history. It reduces McAllister's cap figure this year, but the Saints now have a league-average back taking up a big part of their cap for the next few years after 2005.

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29 Jul 2005, 11:56am by Michael David Smith

Jerome McDougle Recovering from Gunshot

Eagles defensive end Jerome McDougle has been hospitalized after being shot while sitting in his car in Miami. McDougle played at the University of Miami and his brother, Stockar, is an offensive lineman with the Dolphins.

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28 Jul 2005, 12:16pm by Michael David Smith

Surprise! Walker Shows up at Packers' Camp

What if Drew Rosenhaus threw a big party for all his holdouts and no one came? First TO says he'll be at camp, now Javon Walker shows up. I wonder if the Rosenhaus strategy has changed, and now players will participate in camp but threaten to walk before the first game if their demands aren't met. I can't think of any players who have done that, although I remember Priest Holmes threatened to do it before the Chiefs re-did his deal.

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28 Jul 2005, 09:46am by P. Ryan Wilson

Ward Turns Down Steelers' Offer

Even though training camps starts Sunday, it's probably too early to start worrying about the Steelers re-signing Hines Ward before the regular season gets underway. Still, Ward has already turned down one offer from the Steelers, and maybe for good reason. Pittsburgh's offer would have made Ward the highest paid player in their history, but would put him "among a tier of receivers just below several of the highest paid in the league."

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