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28 Oct 2005, 01:11pm by Aaron Schatz

Vikings: 3-4 Lineup Looks Like Long-Term Solution

I dunno, to me this sounds like a parent who hires an expensive tutor for her son and then is thrilled when he gets a "D" instead of an "F."

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27 Oct 2005, 08:48pm by Michael David Smith

No More Pat-Downs in Tampa

A high school civics teacher represented by the American Civil Liberties Union has successfully sued to force the Tampa Bay Bucs to stop giving pat-downs to fans as they enter the stadium. The NFL said in a statement it was "disappointed" by the decision, but hadn't had a chance to review the court's opinion.

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27 Oct 2005, 05:20pm by Aaron Schatz

To Blitz or Not to Blitz

Over at PROTRADE's Insight section, Gabriel Desjardins takes a look at the question that we've been wanting to answer here for some time: does blitzing work? (PROTRADE has Stats Inc. data I don't have, in case you are wondering why we've never answered this question.) The answers seem pretty obvious: blitzing on first down leads to more sacks and interceptions and fewer rushing yards, but more first downs and more passing yards, in particular yards after catch.

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27 Oct 2005, 03:47pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Top 10 Franchise Quarterbacks

A few things. First, what happened to all that talk about Ben Roethlisberger and his sophomore slump? Second, number nine on this list is not a franchise quarterback. Third, number seven is just silly. Finally, the decision on Brady vs. Manning is a copout. Not like we mind that sort of thing around here.

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26 Oct 2005, 10:31pm by Aaron Schatz

Hangin' with DeAngelo Hall

I got this e-mail from Benjy: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Any similarity to the work of Michael David Smith is purely intentional.

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26 Oct 2005, 06:32pm by Michael David Smith

Dr. Z's Power Rankings: Three Pages?!?

I could mention whether I agree with Paul Zimmerman that the Chargers deserve a major drop after losing a heartbreaker to the Eagles. Instead, I'll leave that for everyone to discuss in the comments and merely say that I'm getting a little sick of SI.com. Yes, I like Zimmerman and Peter King, but come on already. It was bad enough when you spread Dr. Z's power rankings across two pages, but three? Give me a break. Why not just make every team its own page? Even the printer-friendly version is three pages.

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26 Oct 2005, 01:28pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Jets Mull Playing Two QBs

Is it really a quarterback controversy when your two options are Vinny Testaverde and Brooks Bollinger? The Jets have been beset by injuries on both sides of the ball, the offensive line has allowed 25 sacks, and now they must try and win games with their third and fourth string QBs. Herman Edwards must have been very, very naughty in a previous life.

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26 Oct 2005, 09:55am by Aaron Schatz

USC or NFL? Carroll Rumors are Rumbling

Once again, Pete Carroll is rumored to be returning to the NFL. John Czarnecki's suggestion -- Pete Carroll as coach of the Saints in preparation for a move to Los Angeles in 2007 -- makes some sense. But this doesn't: "Some NFL owner might pay him more than $6 million a season and make him the sport's highest-paid head coach." That sound you just heard is laughter from Hartford to the tip of northern Maine. Apparently "some NFL owner" is not aware that you can't recruit your way to the top in the NFL by stacking your roster with highly sought-after players.

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25 Oct 2005, 10:03pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Week 6: Ask Jerry Markbreit

OK, I'm a week behind, but Marbreit still has some good stuff in here. He explains that dopey fair catch ruling in the Monday night Steelers-Chargers game two weeks ago, gives the precise specs for an official NFL football, gives some advice on how to become an NFL referee (yikes), and actually knows the answer to the "When was the last time the home team was penalized for the crowd noise?" question mentioned here a few weeks ago. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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25 Oct 2005, 03:51pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: Coaches in Pajamas

This week Gregg takes on licensed clothing, the sportsmanship paradox, the terrible Buffalo offensive line, and naked Canadians. If you thought TMQ would criticize the Broncos for blitzing on the final New York Giants drive of the game, you win!

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