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05 Dec 2016, 05:47pm by Andrew Potter

A Case of the Mondays

As a counterpoint to our weekly injury column, here's an article from FOX in which four NFL players share how rough post-game recovery is even for the healthy players. (Click to read more.)

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05 Dec 2016, 04:30pm by Andrew Potter

Week 13 Injury Aftermath

One of the league's defensive stars is done for the year, as several playoff contenders suffer important injuries in an unlucky Week 13.

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05 Dec 2016, 08:50am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Digest: Chiefs, Steelers, Packers and the Art of Winning Ugly

Despite the headline, this is mostly snow pictures and Jeff Fisher jokes.

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01 Dec 2016, 03:52pm by Vincent Verhei

Jay Cutler Out After Shoulder Surgery

The Chicago Bears announced today that quarterback Jay Cutler will have surgery on Saturday to repair his torn labrum and go on IR. The news means the end of Cutler's season and, in all likelihood, the end of his career in Chicago.

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01 Dec 2016, 03:29pm by Vincent Verhei

Rob Gronkowski Out After Back Surgery

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will soon be undergoing back surgery, and will miss the rest of the regular season.

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30 Nov 2016, 07:02pm by Mike Tanier

NFL Mirror Images

A classic Mike Tanier conversation-starter here, as he looks at today's NFL starts and their historical comparables. Plus, it has neat art! So: Is Russell Wilson just Fran Tarkenton? Is Cam Newton just early-career John Elway? Is Antonio Brown the new Tim Brown? Dicsuss.

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28 Nov 2016, 02:36pm by Andrew Potter

Week 12 Injury Aftermath

The weather may have turned colder, but for injuries Week 12 appears to have been the mildest of the year so far.

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28 Nov 2016, 09:59am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Digest: Raiders, Buccaneers Thrill in a Scary Thanksgiving Week

In which I handcuff Nelson Agholor to Jeff Janis for comedic purposes and finally have the chance to use a Doctor Strange reference that people might actually get.

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24 Nov 2016, 10:14am by Mike Tanier

Thanksgiving Proclamation: Hope, Healing, Unity, Acceptance ... and Football

Whenever possible, I try to assemble something special for Thanksgiving. Longtime readers know that our family celebrates not just Thanksgiving, but my oldest son's (and my) birthday. The holiday has always taken on a special significance to me, as I have always been a firm believer in our nation's civic spirit, a belief that has gotten rather rickety in the last few weeks.

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21 Nov 2016, 04:47pm by Andrew Potter

Week 11 Injury Aftermath

Week 11 brought just about the worst set of outcomes possible for the Cincinnati Bengals, while the Seahawks and Eagles were left with one healthy starter-level running back between them.

UPDATE: Andrew Luck, Jay Cutler also injured.

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