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19 Jan 2015, 04:51pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: Seattle, Suddenly Super

Peter King recaps the absurdity of Seattle's win over Green Bay, and everything that had to go the Seahawks' way for it to happen. He also previews a Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl, offers his thoughts on the latest round of coaching hires, and takes an early look at the upcoming draft.

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19 Jan 2015, 02:36pm by Andrew Potter

Conference Championships Injury Aftermath

The Seahawks and Patriots should both be near full strength for the Super Bowl.

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18 Jan 2015, 10:32pm by Aaron Schatz

Broncos Hire Gary Kubiak

You know the AFC Championship game is a blowout when reporters start putting out coaching hire news. Lots of people are now reporting that Gary Kubiak will be the new head coach of the Denver Broncos. (Click to read more.)

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16 Jan 2015, 04:08pm by Aaron Schatz

Chicago Bears Hire John Fox

John Fox is one of only six coaches in NFL history to take two different teams to a Super Bowl. Now he'll try to make it three as the new head coach of the Chicago Bears.

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16 Jan 2015, 11:20am by Aaron Schatz

I'm Not Russell Wilson, But I Play Him on TV

Great article over at the MMQB site about the former college football players who have made a second career as actors and body doubles in football movies and commercials. They all want to grow up to be the Old Spice Guy.

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16 Jan 2015, 11:00am by Aaron Schatz

Green Bay's Board-Game Obsession

Prize for whoever can work the best "Settlers of Catan" reference into tweets during the NFC Championship Game.

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15 Jan 2015, 04:19am by Matt Waldman

Cardale Jones: Stay or Go?

Should he stay or should he go? Sigmund Bloom and I debated around this question Monday night.

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14 Jan 2015, 06:40pm by Vincent Verhei

49ers Name Jim Tomsula Head Coach

The San Francisco 49ers have chosen to replace Jim Harbaugh by promoting from within. Jim Tomsula, who has been with the organization since 2007, will move up from defensive line coach to the top position.

Tomsula, 46, was interim coach for one game, a victory, after Mike Singletary was fired in 2010.

Tomsula's promotion means that defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will likely be leaving the team.

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14 Jan 2015, 11:31am by Aaron Schatz

Raiders to Hire Jack Del Rio

I think Mike Florio has the best sarcastic take on this hire: "Raiders are either brilliant or the opposite of it." Jack Del Rio had some good years running the Jacksonville Jaguars in the early part of this century, but he seems like the kind of veteran head coach you bring in when you have a team with a strong offense that needs to improve on defense to get over the hump. Does he really seem like the guy to build a team that needs building from scratch like the Raiders? Isn't this a team that needs to blow the doors off the building with a really creative young hire?

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13 Jan 2015, 11:59pm by Aaron Schatz

Jets Hire Todd Bowles, Mike Maccagnan

The New York Jets have their new brain trust. Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will be the Jets' new head coach. I'm sure that he'll have lots of fun with the 3-4 defense Rex Ryan left behind. Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson certainly give him the equivalent of Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell.

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