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31 Oct 2017, 06:36pm by Vincent Verhei

Browns Bungle Barter with Bengals

This story is so unbelievable I wanted it verified from multiple sources before I put up an XP. Well, here we are.

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31 Oct 2017, 06:03pm by Vincent Verhei

Panthers Trade Kelvin Benjamin to Bills

The Carolina Panthers have traded wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for third- and seventh-round picks in next year's draft.

The trade fills an obvious need for Buffalo, who find themselves in the thick of the playoff chase at 5-2 despite one of the NFL's worst depth chart at wide receiver. Running back LeSean McCoy leads the team in targets and receptions. Second-round rookie Zay Jones is second on the team with 37 targets, but has only caught 10 of those passes.

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30 Oct 2017, 10:27pm by Tom Gower

Zeke Elliott Suspension: Back Off For Now

As if Monday evening wasn't busy enough in the NFL already, we got the decision we were waiting for out of the Southern District of New York. Ezekiel Elliott's application for a preliminary injunction against his six-game suspension was rejected, so it's back on again. Tonight's order was stayed for 24 hours to allow parties to pursue appellate options. The story is not completely over, but we should now be very close to the time the Cowboys play games without their top running back.

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30 Oct 2017, 08:30pm by Aaron Schatz

Patriots Deal Garoppolo to 49ers

No, seriously, this is a thing that is happening. After allegedly spending the 2017 offseason turning down offers of first-round picks for their backup quarterback/Brady heir apparent, the Patriots pulled the trigger tonight on a deal to send Garoppolo to San Francisco for the 49ers' second-round pick. It's going to be a very high pick in that round. I have so many questions. Why now and not before the 2017 draft? Have they finally decided that Brady is serious about playing until he's 45, but they didn't think he was serious before?

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30 Oct 2017, 07:12pm by Aaron Schatz

UPDATE: Terms of Duane Brown Trade Change

Offensive line continuity is nice but guys who can actually play are nicer. The Seahawks make a nice upgrade to their biggest weakness by dealing for disgruntled Texans left tackle Duane Brown. Details still to be announced. The Texans, I guess, made the decision they were not going to pay what Brown wanted in a new contract. He's currently supposed to make $9.75 million in 2018, the last year of his old deal, and wants a new one.

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30 Oct 2017, 02:21pm by Andrew Potter

Injury Aftermath: Week 8

The worst injury of the NFL season so far occurred in New Orleans in Week 8.

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30 Oct 2017, 06:52am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Digest: Patriots are Bad, but Opponents Won't Stop Being Worse

There are no great teams this year. Just good teams that beat a lot of bad teams.

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27 Oct 2017, 08:17pm by Vincent Verhei

Bills Trade Marcell Dareus to Jacksonville

Surprising move for a pair of surprising teams this year: the 4-2 Buffalo Bills have traded defensive tackle Marcell Dareus to the 4-3 Jacksonville Jaguars for a sixth-round pick in 2018. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting the pick could be a fifth-rounder based on Dareus' performance.

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23 Oct 2017, 02:55pm by Andrew Potter

Injury Aftermath: Week 7

The Cardinals have a decision to make, the Dolphins will probably start Matt Moore this Thursday, another star rookie is done for the year, and the greatest ironman streak in the sport ended abruptly this past Sunday.

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23 Oct 2017, 06:52am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Digest: Meet the NFL's Next Great Team

In which I not only get lovey-dovey with the Rams but magical realist with the foggy Falcons, hate on the Tyrod Taylor haters and become a vindictive dungeon master for the Browns.

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