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31 Jan 2015, 09:47am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's Super Bowl Preview

I just felt like comparing Darrelle Revis to Mike Haynes, okay?

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30 Jan 2015, 02:58pm by Scott Kacsmar

Houston Texans Review and Easy Schedules

Stephanie Stradley looks at topics for the Houston Texans heading into the 2015 offseason, and we look at teams with easy schedules and low variance.

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28 Jan 2015, 04:16pm by Aaron Schatz

Key and Peele East-West Bowl III

HELL to the YES. Featuring guest stars!

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28 Jan 2015, 01:08pm by Aaron Schatz

Kickers Are Forever

A good feature on Five Thirty-Eight about the gradual, unstoppable, constant improvement of NFL kickers when it comes to field-goal accuracy. The research points out that many of our fourth-down models are actually outdated because they underestimate the odds of hitting a long field goal. Of course, this also makes punting from the opponent's 35 look even more stupid.

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27 Jan 2015, 04:11pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Madden 15 Ultimate Team for January 30

We've got a special release of Football Outsiders-branded players for Madden 15 Ultimate Team this weekend. (Click to read more.)

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27 Jan 2015, 12:50pm by Tom Gower

NBC: Solving Gronk

Like every football writer on the internet not talking about PSI, I wrote about Rob Gronkowski and the challenge he poses. Includes a look at the 2012 Pats-Seahawks game, a look at how tight ends have beaten the Seahawks this year, and Gronkowski's postseason production.

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26 Jan 2015, 02:41pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: A Super Bowl Comeback

As the rest of the world focuses on deflated footballs, Peter King has a nice story on Bill Vinovich, who overcame a potentially fatal heart ailment to return to refereeing and will work Sunday's Super Bowl.

And then he talks deflated footballs. Sigh.

He also eulogizes Paul Needell and Ernie Banks, and has harsh words for Marshawn Lynch and his crotch-grabbing ways.

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26 Jan 2015, 08:46am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: Caught Up, Pumped Up for Super Bowl XLIX

DeflateGate has made us stupider as a species.

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25 Jan 2015, 06:43pm by Aaron Schatz

Josh Gordon Facing One-Year Ban

Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns has failed an alcohol test and is now facing a likely one-year ban from the NFL. Yes, alcohol. Because of Gordon's previous positive drug tests and DUI arrests, he was not even allowed to drink alcohol. My response to stories like this used to be anger about how guys were wasting their talents, but I've learned over the last couple years that alcohol abuse is a lot more complicated than that. So now my reaction is just sadness. It's sadness that Josh Gordon can't beat these disease. I hope he can get the help he needs.

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23 Jan 2015, 09:09pm by Vincent Verhei

NFL 2015: A Bad Lip Reading

In which Jim Harbaugh threatens to throw rocks, Case Keenum sorts the good guys from the bad, and Peyton Manning learns what to get a girl you don’t really like.

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