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23 Aug 2005, 09:40am by P. Ryan Wilson

'Madden 06' Gives Big Ben No Respect

Where's Rodney Harrison when you need him? Maybe Roethlisberger can get some advice on how to turn something pretty benign into motivation for proving all his critics wrong (or at least those critics who play 'Madden').

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22 Aug 2005, 08:11pm by Michael David Smith

Lawrence Phillips Arrested Again

Big surprise, Lawrence Phillips is in trouble with the law. I remember an interview one time with Tom Osborne, then the Nebraska coach, now a congressman. The interviewer asked Osborne why he didn't discipline Phillips more harshly, and Osborne's response was, "What would that have done for Lawrence Phillips?" The interviewer didn't respond to that, but my response would have been, "Maybe it would have taught him there are consequences to his actions." It's a lesson Phillips still hasn't learned.

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22 Aug 2005, 02:44pm by Michael David Smith

Browns Send Andre Davis to Patriots

If you believe the numbers we use here at Football Outsiders, the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. As our friend Corey mentioned at the Pro Football Prospectus book signing in Chicago, Andre Davis has put up some surprisingly good numbers in Cleveland despite having a less-than-stellar group of quarterbacks throwing him the ball. Corey also blogged on the subject here.

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21 Aug 2005, 10:55pm by Al Bogdan

Coughlin "Very Concerned" About Manning's Elbow

Eli Manning injured his elbow on Saturday night during a pre-season game and the Giants are "very concerned." Manning underwent an MRI, but the full results won't be available until Monday. If Eli's elbow injury is serious, it will be another long season in the Meadowlands for the Giants.

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21 Aug 2005, 11:28am by Russell Levine

49ers Lineman Collapses, Dies After Game

Sports stories often throw around terms like "heroic," "courageous," and "tragic," seldom with true cause. Saturday's 49ers-Broncos game was overshadowed by a true tragedy, however, as San Francisco first-year offensive lineman Thomas Herrion, 23, collapsed and died following the game in Denver. The cause of his death his unknown.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Herrion family.

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19 Aug 2005, 04:40pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Rookie Prank Doesn't Make Saban Laugh

The first rule of Rookie Skits is - you do not talk about Rookie Skits. The second rule of Rookie Skits is - you DO NOT talk about Rookie Skits. Third rule of Rookie Skits, someone yells Stop!, goes limp, taps out, the skit is over. Fourth rule, only two guys to a skit. Fifth rule, one skit at a time, fellas. Sixth rule, no shirt, no shoes. Seventh rule, skits will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule, if this is your first night at Rookie Skits, you have to participate in a skit.

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19 Aug 2005, 10:13am by P. Ryan Wilson

'Bachelor' Could End Up Dumped

Poor Jesse Palmer. The way things are going, his appearance on "The Bachelor" might end up being the highlight of his football career. After some poor decision-making during New York's first preseason game, Palmer is in real danger of not making the team. And while hundreds of players get cut every preseason, it's usually not because 300-pound Jared Lorenzen beat them out of a job. And if that's not reason enough to be concerned, the Giants are also working out Tim Couch.

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18 Aug 2005, 10:42am by P. Ryan Wilson

Gates Has Ultimatum to Arrive Saturday

Apparently the quickest way to get holdouts and malcontents into camp is through snail mail. The Eagles sent T.O. a letter last week outlining all his misdeeds. Now, the Chargers have informed TE Antonio Gates via the Postal Service that if he doesn't sign a contract by this Saturday, he'll be suspended at least through the season opener. As long as everybody's sending out letters, maybe someone in Denver should make sure Maurice Clarett gets one too.

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18 Aug 2005, 10:23am by P. Ryan Wilson

Carries for Clarett Turn to Equipment

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Maurice Clarett signed an incentive-laden contract that didn't include a signing bonus. Which means no guaranteed money. Well, Clarett has missed nearly two weeks of practice due to a groin injury, has fallen to fifth on the depth chart, and is in real danger of getting cut.

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17 Aug 2005, 05:24pm by Michael David Smith

Chiefs' Kicker Charged in Bar Brawl

Yes, you read that right. The Chiefs' kicker has been arrested for breaking the nose of a bar bouncer. He's been charged with a felony count of substantial battery and one count of misdemeanor battery. He was released on a $15,000 signature bond.

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