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13 Jan 2006, 12:10am by Aaron Schatz

The NFL All-Triple Word Score Team

Some people just have too much time on their hands.

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12 Jan 2006, 10:27pm by Russell Levine

Palmer Knee Injury "Potentially Career Ending"

The doctor who operated on Carson Palmer's knee called the injury "devastating and potentially career-ending," although he went on to express optimism about Palmer's prospects for recovery.

Why, exactly, is the doctor giving an interview about this injury that discloses far more information than the team had made public? Doesn't that violate doctor-patient privileges?

Update: Check out this article on the Bengals' site, which puts quite a different spin on the doctor's assessment of the injury.

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12 Jan 2006, 09:52pm by Michael David Smith

Windsor Will Entice Super Bowl Fans

Those of us who grew up in the Detroit area will always have a special reverance for Windsor, the Canadian city a short drive away, where the drinking age is 19, prostitution is legal, casinos are abundant and Cuban cigars are widely available. With tens of thousands of fans ready to converge on Detroit for the Super Bowl, there's no doubt that many of them will spend an evening or two in Windsor.

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12 Jan 2006, 09:46pm by Michael David Smith

And Then There Were 10: Mularkey Out

Mike Mularkey will announce his resignation as Bills head coach tomorrow, bringing this off-season's NFL coaching changes to 10. We haven't been starting a new thread for every single coaching change, so feel free to discuss the other hirings and firings in this thread as well.

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12 Jan 2006, 05:11pm by Michael David Smith

Chargers: We Won't Trade Rivers

I felt at the time and have felt ever since that the Chargers made a serious mistake by drafting Philip Rivers. But there's no going back now, and Rivers and Drew Brees are both on the team, although Brees' contract has expired. I always assumed the Chargers would figure out a way to keep Brees (either signing him to a long-term deal or putting the franchise tag on him again) and trade Rivers. I'm no longer so sure. First of all, Brees has a pretty serious injury to his throwing shoulder. And secondly, Chargers GM A.J.

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12 Jan 2006, 02:18pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Angry Boomer Rips Herm

Boomer Esiason angry. No like Herm Edwards. Specifically, Boomer's upset that Edwards left the Jets in the manner in which he did, and makes the point -- a pretty funny one, by the way -- that, "What bothers me the most is that the Jets have now been fired by four coaches, as opposed to firing coaches ... It almost makes them look as if they're the laughingstock of the league, and that makes the job search for a quality candidate that much more difficult."

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12 Jan 2006, 01:19pm by admin

Giants Seek Writing Intern

Dan Lewis passed this along, thinking FO readers might be interested. Details are in the comments.

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12 Jan 2006, 11:19am by P. Ryan Wilson

Porter Challenges Colts

Sigh. Well, the Colts might have to special order a wall-sized bulletin board for this one. As Steelers fan Israel wrote, "Joey Porter throws down the gauntlet at Troy Polamalu, challenging him for team dummy."

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11 Jan 2006, 06:12pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Never Flagging

This is funny, well, because it's Ed friggin' Hochuli. And if anybody's interested, here's my workout schedule:

Monday: 5 minutes on Nordic Track while playing Atari 2600
Wednesday: 10 situps using Abdominizer and pretending I'm T.O. in my front yard (shirt optional)
Thursday-Sunday: Recovery.
Diet: Carbs, Sugars, Fats (mostly beer and Reuben sandwiches).

Repeat until fit.

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11 Jan 2006, 04:03pm by Michael David Smith

Lovie Smith: Robert DeNiro Lookalike?

Football Outsiders reader Paul Noonan has a blog where I always learn something. Today I learned about MyHeritage.com, which has face recognition software that allows you to upload a picture of yourself or someone you know and see which celebrities the picture most resembles. So I thought it might be fun for us to enter some folks from the football world and see what the technology comes up with. I got things started with one central figure in each of the upcoming weekend's games:

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