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24 Nov 2014, 07:54pm by Vincent Verhei

Eric Berry Goes on NFI, Will See Lymphoma Specialist

In very scary news, the Kansas City Chiefs have placed safety Eric Berry on season-ending non-football illness list after doctors discovered a mass on the right side of his chest. The Chiefs have said that a lymphoma diagnosis is the "leading consideration." Berry will see a specialist to determine a final diagnosis.

With all that has happened in Berry's career (three Pro Bowls, wrapped around a lost season due to a torn ACL in 2011), it's hard to believe that he is only 25 years old. We send our best wishes out to Berry and his family.

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24 Nov 2014, 04:04pm by Andrew Potter

Week 12 Injury Aftermath

Ryan Mallett's tryout in Houston didn't last very long

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24 Nov 2014, 02:23pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: Odell of a Catch

Peter King has yet more to say about Odell Beckham, Jr.'s ridiculous catch on Sunday night, plus info on where the Bills-Jets game was nearly played, thoughts on the uncertainty of the AFC North, and reflections on the career of Charles Woodson.

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24 Nov 2014, 08:49am by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: Josh Gordon and Late-Season Spark Plugs

Plus Lions bashing, Hilton babies, and that Odell Beckham catch, because so much can be said about a great catch that everyone has already seen and has already been overhyped as a human achievement on par with the moon landing.

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22 Nov 2014, 08:56am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's Week 12 Game Previews

Featuring the Incredible Shrinking Seahawks, the Shaun Alexanderization of Shady McCoy, and the Bills in Ice Station Pegula.

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21 Nov 2014, 02:38pm by Tom Gower

SNF: Dez Bryant's Season Still Up To His Standards

For this week's SNF column for NBC Sports, I took a look at Dez Bryant. DeMarco Murray is getting most of the publicity because he has the stats, but Dez is still really, really good.

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21 Nov 2014, 01:52pm by Matt Waldman

RSP Film Room: FSU QB Jameis Winston

Sigmund Bloom returns to the RSP Film Room for a first look at Jameis Winston and the FSU quarterback makes it look easy under difficult circumstances.

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20 Nov 2014, 05:37pm by Aaron Schatz

Jets-Bills Rescheduled for Monday Night in Detroit

The NFL has announced that this week's Jets-Bills game will not be played Sunday due to nine zillion feet of snow in Buffalo. It will be moved, probably to Monday night and either to Detroit or Washington. Because if there's any town filled with Bills fans, it's Washington. And by "filled with Bills fans," I mean, "Tim Russert's kid."

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20 Nov 2014, 05:17pm by Vincent Verhei

LeGarrette Blount Rejoins Patriots

When the Steelers released LeGarrette Blount this week, I said that Pittsburgh was the third team to give up on the running back in the last two years. Reader "RickD" disagreed with me, saying that New England had not given up on Blount, they had been outbid for his services. Well, chalk that one up to RickD, apparently. The Patriots resigned Blount right away when he became available, even with Jonas Gray coming off a great game.

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19 Nov 2014, 01:45pm by Vincent Verhei

Who Wins the Playoff Matchup?

The folks at Summit Analytics try to predict this year's playoff field based on prior years' data. For no reason I can fathom, they've decorated their piece with a photo of the Washington Huskies, currently 2-5 in the Pac-12 and not within shouting distance of the playoff field.

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