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18 Jan 2018, 02:28pm by Aaron Schatz

Eagles' Secret Weapon? An Analytics-Fueled Attack

There's a lot of talk about the Cleveland Browns and analytics, but as we keep saying around here, plenty of other NFL teams have been using analytics over the last few years. This Tim McManus article discusses the way the Eagles use analytics: Doug Pederson goes for it more often on fourth down, while Jim Schwartz quizzes his defensive players on the percentages so they're ready for any situation. Fun fact: the head of the Philadelphia analytics department was an FO intern for a few months, once upon a time.

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15 Jan 2018, 03:22pm by Andrew Potter

Injury Aftermath: Divisional Round

All four remaining teams are close to full health as we approach conference championship weekend, but the Titans may start next season without their outstanding young right tackle.

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15 Jan 2018, 11:22am by Tom Gower

Titans Part with HC Mike Mularkey

First reported by Field Yates of ESPN and subsequently confirmed by the team, the Tennessee Titans have parted ways with head coach Mike Mularkey. Mularkey became the interim coach following the firing of Ken Whisenhunt mid-season 2015 and was named the permanent head coach after a rubber-stamp process that offseason because of the work he did in going 2-7. He posted a record of 9-7 both seasons and went 1-1 in the playoffs this year. (Click to read more.)

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15 Jan 2018, 10:22am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Digest: Can Any of These No-Name QBs Take Down Tom Brady?

Three dramatic games and a Patriots beating: a divisional playoff round tradition.

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08 Jan 2018, 03:17pm by Andrew Potter

Injury Aftermath: Wild-Card Round

Game-by-game early injury news ahead of the divisional round.

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08 Jan 2018, 01:21pm by Bryan Knowles

Chicago Hires Matt Nagy as Head Coach

The Chicago Bears pick Kansas City offensive coordinator Matt Nagy as their 16th head coach.

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08 Jan 2018, 07:51am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Digest: The Specter Hanging Over the NFL Playoffs

If you read just one article this week that makes the Patriots sound like the Romanov Dynasty, make it Seth Wickersham's piece. But if you read just one article that's self-aware about making the Patriots sound like the Romanov Dynasty, make it Digest!

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05 Jan 2018, 08:43pm by Scott Kacsmar

FiveThirtyEight: 12 Playoff Teams Are Enough for the NFL

The Bills and Titans are in the playoffs, which might be enough of an argument itself to not expand the playoffs. But we looked at DVOA since 2002 to see that playoff expansion wouldn't be a good idea.

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05 Jan 2018, 02:49pm by Bryan Knowles

Jon Gruden Will Coach the Raiders Forever

The Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders give Jon Gruden the largest coaching contract in NFL history.

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05 Jan 2018, 02:18pm by Bryan Knowles

AP Releases 2017 All-Pro Teams

The 2017 AP All-Pro teams are announced

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