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04 Feb 2006, 12:39pm by Michael David Smith

James Brown Jumps Ship from Fox to CBS

James Brown is leaving the Fox pregame show for the CBS pregame show next season. Greg Gumbel will move from the pregame show to the booth, where he'll team with Dan Dierdorf as the No. 2 pairing. Dick Enberg will be demoted to a lower-level game, which means Colts-Steelers was probably the last NFL playoff game in Enberg's storied career.

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03 Feb 2006, 07:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Top Tackles in Super Bowl History

I thought that every "Best Ever in Super Bowl History" list had been done. Thanks, Elliott Kalb, for proving me wrong with an article that does not suck. Tennessee fans should consult a doctor before clicking this link.

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03 Feb 2006, 06:19pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Tale of Two Cities

Bill Simmons picks his Super Bowl winner and with this column makes his 200th "the Bus is really fat!" joke. We get it, Jerome Bettis has a weight problem. Simmons also wonders if his Page 2 colleague, Skip Bayless, is on crack after his latest diatribe (see below).

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03 Feb 2006, 05:01pm by Michael David Smith

Reporter Fired for Award Vote

A day before sportswriters vote for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and two days before they vote for Super Bowl MVP, take a look at this story about a high school sportswriter in Florida. The Tampa Tribune fired the writer for manipulating the results of a high school football award. The writer voted Marcello Trigg first on her ballot, then voted Trigg's chief rival eighth in an attempt to ensure that the rival wouldn't get enough points to win the award. Sure enough, Trigg won the award by two points.

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03 Feb 2006, 12:40pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Super Hawks or Sea Frauds?

You know, after read this, I almost want Seattle to win. That's what Skip Bayless does to people. Thank god for Kevin Jackson, who should get some kind of lifetime achievement ESPY for his efforts.

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02 Feb 2006, 09:02pm by Michael David Smith

Martz Won't Join Lions

Gee, big surprise, the Lions have botched something. This time it was the hiring of Mike Martz, who declined their offer to become offensive coordinator because they couldn't meet his financial terms. Of course, if Matt Millen hadn't given Steve Mariucci a ridiculous contract with $25 million guaranteed, the Lions would have more money to pay their assistants. Have I ever mentioned that I don't think highly of Millen?

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02 Feb 2006, 03:38pm by Michael David Smith

Leavy Named Super Bowl Ref

Referee Bill Leavy has been named to head the seven-man crew of game officials selected to work Super Bowl XL. You might remember Leavy as the referee who overturned the ruling on the field of a Denver first down with 2:01 left in the December Broncos-Chiefs game. That gave Kansas City the ball back and allowed the Chiefs to run out the clock. It was the right call and a gutsy call. Leavy is a good choice.

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02 Feb 2006, 02:38pm by Michael David Smith

Dr. Z Breaks Down the Super Bowl

This is always one of my favorite pre-Super Bowl features. Paul Zimmerman goes through the Steelers and the Seahawks position-by-position and tells us which team has the better player.

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02 Feb 2006, 12:53pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Interview with Seahawks.net II

A preview of my Super Bowl preview, audio style. Before we started I said I was going to keep this shorter and it ended up going a half hour anyway. I just like to talk football, I guess. There are a lot more pregnant pauses in this interview compared to the first one, probably an indication that I really need a nap that lasts, I dunno, two weeks or so.

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02 Feb 2006, 12:13pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Bowman Goes from Wall Street to the Super Bowl

Blue Horseshoe loves Grant Bowman. This should be a lesson to us all: If you get released from an NFL team, take a desk job, hope your team makes it to the Super Bowl, pray for an injury, and hope you get re-signed to the practice squad before the bus leaves for the airport.

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