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28 Apr 2015, 01:13pm by Aaron Schatz

Dion Jordan Suspended One Year

Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan has solidified his position as one of the great draft busts in NFL history. He had only three sacks in his first two years but won't get to turn things around because he's now earned a one-year suspension for violating the NFL drug policy. Jordan is one of the great successful calls in SackSEER history. In fact, SackSEER actually overprojected him based on his draft position.

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27 Apr 2015, 08:04pm by Vincent Verhei

Predicting the Draft and Career Success of Tight Ends in the National Football League

This article by Jason Mulholland and Shane T. Jensen (respectively, a student and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania), published in the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, looks at NCAA statistics and combine measurements of historically successful tight ends to determine the best indicators of success at the position.

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27 Apr 2015, 10:35am by Matt Waldman

Ruining QBs: The NFL's Recipe for Disaster

The decision to start a rookie quarterback as the rule rather than the exception confounds me.

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22 Apr 2015, 04:07pm by Nathan Forster

Playmaker Score: Kevin White and DeVante Parker Revisited

How accurate is Playmaker when in comes to projecting JUCO transfers? And how would our projection for DeVante Parker change if he had played his entire senior season at Louisville? (Click to read more.)

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22 Apr 2015, 04:04pm by Vincent Verhei

Greg Hardy Suspended 10 Games Without Pay

The NFL has suspended Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy 10 games without pay to start the 2015 season. Following his domestic violence arrest last season. Though all charges in the case were dropped after Hardy's alleged victim stopped cooperating with police, the NFL's investigation "determined that there was sufficient credible evidence that Hardy engaged in conduct that violated NFL policies in multiple respects and with aggravating circumstances," according to the league's release on the subject.

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21 Apr 2015, 07:57pm by Vincent Verhei

2015 NFL Schedule Released

The schedule is out! Some highlights:

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19 Apr 2015, 12:09pm by Matt Waldman

RSP Film Room: QB Coach on Mariota

Why should a team adopt an Aaron Rodgers-like timeline to bring along Mariota? Here’s what a QB coach has to say.

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16 Apr 2015, 06:01pm by Aaron Schatz

2014: The Year Offensive Line Continuity Died

Last year, not a single team started the same five offensive linemen in all 16 games. (Click to read more.)

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16 Apr 2015, 03:13pm by Vincent Verhei

Adrian Peterson Will Be Reinstated On Friday

In expected-but-still-big news, Adrian Peterson has been told that he will be reinstated on Friday and will immediately be cleared to participate in all activities with the Minnesota Vikings. The question now becomes, what next? Peterson has said he would be "uneasy" about returning to Minnesota, and he is reportedly due a base salary of nearly $12.8 million in 2015. Most figure that if Peterson does leave the Vikings, the Cowboys and Cardinals would be the teams most likely to acquire him.

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13 Apr 2015, 09:32am by Matt Waldman

RSP Film Room: QB Chris Bonner

Jordan Plocher of GM Jr. joins the hangout and we discuss why the top of this QB class should be a quartet rather than a trio.

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